Climate change and global warming: Take action and make a change

I am loving the summer in Sweden this year. I am loving that it is warm and sunny for the majority of the time…. With a few sudden heavy rainfalls with thunder and lighting. It has been 20-30 degrees since around May, which is crazy in Sweden. In fact, it is not just Sweden it has been so warm… but other countries a well…. I mean Ireland and England which usually don’t have such heatwaves are experiencing the high temperatures.

And as much as I love it… it also has me super worried. I mean can we really deny that there is climate change and global warming happening? All these natural disasters…. Heatwaves, water levels rising.

You can read more about different natural disasters HERE (link to different aritcles on the Guardian)

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It has been so warm in Sweden that there is now a ban on grilling outside because there have been so many wildfires because ethe grass is so dry. And there is not enough grass and food for cattle meaning that a lot of animals are having to be sent to slaughter early because the farmers don’t have any food for them. Elderly and children are at risk of illness and dehydration because of the heat (In fact there have already been deaths in different countries due to the extreme heat and dehydration). There has even been an announcement saying that people need to start saving water and using less water because of the heat and the lack of water/rain at the moment.

The temperature keeps rising and if this is just the beginning, imagine how it will be in a few years. So many people don’t care and think, “it doesn’t affect me”. And they think this way because there is food in the stores, there is water running in the taps, they are healthy and the heat may not be affecting them in so many negative ways.

But the fact is… if it keeps getting warmer with no water there will be less food and produce which will be able to grow. There might be a shortage of food because the food can’t grow. Or if there is a shortage of water…. Think of all the water you use daily? Washing the dishes, showering, brushing your teeth, flushing the toilet, drinking water….. all the water you use daily and what happens if there is no water available? In some countries there is already a water restriction to try to save water.

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Read more about the heatwave records this year and different disasters and temperatures HERE

Global warming affects us all…. For some people it hits them harder, I read a post that said it has been around 40 degrees in India the past while. How can you do anything in that heat?

Everyone needs to start becoming aware of their choices and how their choices impact the climate.

I recommend you read more on NASA home page about global warming and climate change if you want to knwo more facts and information about what it is and why it is happening!

The firs thing is to eat more plant-based… because the fact is, meat and dairy use A LOT of resources to be produced. A lot of the soya that is produced is used for feeding cattle and farm animals. A LOT of water and light and energy used to keep the farm animals alive and then energy used for the slaughter process… think if all that energy, water, light, food could go to humans instead? To skip the middle step.

Also less travelling by car and plane. I know this isn’t practical for everyone, if you live far away or need to travel a lot then you might need to use your car daily. But if you can… try to carpool, take public transport, use train instead of the plane, walk or cycle.

Limit plastic as much as possible. Also reuse and recycle as much as possible.

Think about how much resources you use daily… example light, water, electricity. Turn off lights and electrical items when you aren’t using them. Don’t let water drip or pour unnecessarily (example when brushing your teeth!)

Small changes matter and make a difference…. We can’t all be perfect and always do right. But we can try our best, and we need to collectively make a difference. It is not enough that 100 people make huge changes… it is better than 10 000 people make small changes. I mean it’s great that 10 000 people are vegan, but wouldn’t it be better if 100 000 people all cut their meat and dairy with 50-75%? That would be a bigger change. (Of course, I think that everyone who can should go vegan… or atleast live as vegan and eat as plantbased as possible!).


I am not perfect or always making the right/best choices with the environment in mind. I am sure i could do so much more…. but i also really want to begin reading and learning more… learning more about which choices are best, how my different choices when it comes to example consumerism affects the climate. I am rather climate-smart and environmentally friendly, but i want to know if there is more i can do. Though i know that the people who really need to read this post… the people who really need to get scared and be hit with facts and information are not the ones reading this post, or the ones who willingly seek the information.

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I know that many of my readers are already aware of all of these things…. And I am sure you already do a lot of things to reduce CO2 emissions and help the climate and global warming. But this is a post to just be a reminder to you all.. .but also, that we need to remind others. Even if we already make changes and live as environmentally friendly as we can… we can advise and inspire others. Remind others to make changes!!!

No, we may not be alive in 100 years… but if we want future generations to actually live a good life, we need to do something about it now before it is too late.

If you have any tips or advice please share below. I know i have some followers who are more interested in the environment and climate and vegan for the environment…. so maybe you have more advice or books/articles i can read to learn more 🙂


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  1. Lily says:

    Thank you for this post! Even if I’m 100% aware of climate change, I know I could do more to reduce my carbon footprint, so it is important to be reminded constantly. A tip I have for everyone is to either join or donate to a green movement, like I know Izzy that you already donate to vegan organisations:)I personally joined greenpeace as a volunteer, and it is so nice to meet with lots of different people fighting for the same cause. These communities can also share a lot of information with you!


  2. thewitchycowboy says:

    I can relate to feeling worried about the weather! Here in Texas, we’re experiencing triple digit heat and have already had multiple deaths from children or pets being left in hot cars! The heat is no joke and it’s so crazy to think that some people still don’t believe it’s climate change.


  3. carol says:

    Here in England we`re having a heatwave too, temp of 30 – 32 most days and has been for quite a while. Our weather has changed so much, it tends to be extreme, either very cold or very hot – nothing in between. If this is climate change then its scary to think what its going to be like in years to come.


  4. Erik says:

    I think tackling food waste is also a big and easy thing to do for everyone. Just make sure that the hard work of Nature doesn’t just end up in the bin. If you haven’t already, you might like the documentary “Wasted” by Anthony Bourdain (not exactly a friend of vegans, I know :p).

    Also try reducing your carbon footprint by buying seasonal and local produce that aren’t that reliant on human help. Take avocado’s for example: an avo tree needs 1000L of water to produce one fruit, that fruit gets exported halfway around the world (you don’t know in what way) and usually get’s packaged in a plastic wrapping. To me it’s much better just to eat local produce, or even grow some yourself. I live in The Netherlands and you’ll be amazed how much variety of veggies I grow in my community and back garden! Picking them up by bike or foot and only spraying with water when absolutely needed. Also 100% organic! The only realy way to know 100% sure you produce is free of chemicals (even organic ones), is to just grow it yourself.

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