Sweet potato hummus | Vegan recipe

There are 2 foods which are on my top 10 list of favourite foods, which is sweet potato and hummus. So why have I never thought of combining those two?

In the past ihave made beetroot hummus, pea& avocado guacamole, Roasted red pepper hummus and Sun dried tomato hummus…. So why haven’t I tried the delicious combo of sweet potato and hummus?

I was insipired when I saw eat.drink.shrink  instagram post and decided to make my own SP hummus!


I don’t actually measure anything when I make my hummus… I just add the chickpeas, garlic, salt, 50/50 aquafaba and oil and mix. And this time I added sweet potato.

What I noticed is that you need a lot more liquid when you make SP hummus as the SP is more dense. I also added some nutritional yeast for an extra cheesey flavour!!






It turned out soo good… infact, so good that I ate half the batch with a spoon right from the bowl! I can imagine this is delicious in wraps, or even using as a pasta sauce… but then you might want to make it more thin by adding more liquid. It would work great for a dip for vegetables or crackers as well.

Now that you have a bunch of hummus recipes….. why not make a humus party, with some home made taco chips, cucumber, celeray and carrot sticks. As well as maybe some crackers, pita bread and pretzel sticks…. Perfect as an appetizer or snack!!!Screenshot_20180719-212145_Instagram.jpg

What’s your favourite hummus type? 😊

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  1. Kristin says:

    Yum! I love sweet potatoes, so this sounds really good!


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