A break from routines and habits | A weekend out an island

A few days away from routines and habits and time spent out on an island is a good way to recharge both physically and mentally. To get a break from everything.

I am the type of person who can work non stop and have my days filled with work and not take the time necessary to rest. It isn’t until i finally rest and take a step back that i realise how much i need it.

For me, it is easy to be productive… not as easy to rest. But i am learning, and my goal is that next year i want to have a holiday. And that doesn’t have to mean travelling to another country, though i have many places iw ould like to travel to. It just means that i need to have 1-2 weeks where i am free from school and work and don’t have to worry. Maybe i have fulltime job with a 2 week summer holiday, or maybe i have a week or so between graduation and work begins. Or maybe i have started my own company and can work away from home – though that wouldn’t really be holiday, but if you have your own company you are never really free.

But since graduation from high school i haven’t had a free summer or summer holiday. (A few days free from work doesn’t really count according to me, hahah).

It was a much needed break from work and routines. To be with my family and my dog.

To spend time out in the sun, go for walks in nature, be out on a boat.


Our meals consisted of easy to prepare foods such as pre canned beans, sweet corn, vegetables which we could chop, tofu, bean pasta, soya products which we could fry and potatoes. As well as bread, fruit and coffee.

One thing i have realised is that when i am hungry i go into serious “hangry” mode. When i am on my own i don’t notice it… but also because i eat big regular meals so i never really get into that hangry state. However now on the island it was smaller but more frequent meals i.e snacking on fruit or sweets. Several portions of food each meal and i was satisfied. One thing i love is that my family also eat mostly vegan (lacto-ovo-vegetarian) and when were on the island they ate solely vegan as wel, which i love!!! It of course makes it easier to eat with others when they eat the same way as you – and my mother was the one who suggested we make “vegetable/bean/tofu” bowls for lunch.



I wish i could have stayed longer… infact i would have needed a week to just be out there on the island. To be in the sun almost the whole day. To listen to podcasts, have time to think and reflect. Just be in the present. I felt no anxiety or stress whatsoever, and it was the first time in a while that i felt tired before 10pm and fell asleep before 11pm… despite doing very little. Sometimes i feel like the more i do each day the harder it is to sleep because i am still running on adrenaline and “go-go-go”. Or maybe it is because i do too much and just feel overtired which turns into some sort of strange energy that keeps me awake.


Now it is back to reality, and i have to say… i have missed cooking and being creative. Even if i would have liked to spend more time out on the island with my family, i do like being on my own and having my routines. Sleeping in my own bed and just doing my own thing. So it was kind of nice to come back to my own apartment and my own bed.

Though i must say, the first hour back at work wasn’t the most fun. Back to stress and work clothes….  but i am not going to complain over that, because i do enjoy work most of the time!!!

I hope you are all having an amazing summer and getting some time to rest – mentally and physically. Getting a break from routines every now and then!


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  1. bingingonabudget says:

    Great post, that’s kind of how it is for us Michiganders up north. It’s nice to get away for a little bit. What was your favorite part?


  2. carol says:

    Good to read you had a nice break away for a while – its nice to just get way from everything now and again! I`m looking towards booking a “last minute” few days away in early September – when the schools have all gone back after their summer holidays and the tourist season has calmed down somewhat – makes for a more peaceful holiday 🙂 Plus if you go away at that time it is generally a lot cheaper!
    I think its great that you spent time away on a island and the pictures you posted looked such beautiful surroundings – and cooking outdoors must have been great fun too 🙂
    A change of scene definitely does you good now and again but it is nice just to be back home afterwards – hopefully recharged and refreshed! Do you really graduate next year? How time has flown – do you feel that too?


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