One batter – four recipes!!

Keeping up with my theme of…. how many dishes can you make with the same foods? Here is 4 foods with pretty much the same ingredients…. i.e the same batter.

How great to be able to make 4 different foods using the same batter and mix? And you can of course either bake or deep fry these foods, depending on your preferance. However as i didn’t have so much oil at home and don’t feel comfortable with the whole deep frying process (i.e what if i burn myself, what do i do with the oil once i am done frying, i.e you shouldn’t pour it down the drain. I think you pour it in a bottle or something and then throw away in the trash ?). One day i will try deep frying these foods, but for now it works fine and is super tasty just to bake them!

With the same batter and dry mix you can make 4 different recipes (or more i am guessing – such as avocado fries, zucchini fries etc!) . I made Cauliflower wings, vegan seitan ch*cken nuggets, onion rings and eggplant schnitzel!

I baked them all at the same time…. though they might have needed different temperatures, i am not so sure!


None of these recipes are new, i have made them all before, so you can look back at those recipes for more detailed instructions! (I tried a different seitan recipe for the nuggets, however it wasn’t so good, so i recommend using my previous seitan ch*cken recipe instead!)

Cauliflower wings recipe

Eggplant schnitzel recipe (But this time i used a batter and not just aquafaba)

Vegan seitan chicken

I haven’t made onion rings before, however it just reuires onions, the batter and dry mix in the recipe below!



one batter for recipes



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  1. carol says:

    I prefer to oven bake rather than deep fry too – I think the food tastes better that way.
    These look so good! Just goes to prove that you can create delicious food quite simply – thanks for sharing your ideas and recipe 🙂


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