Rainbow pizza – using prebought crust | Vegan recipe

Believe it or not… but at the moment i have gotten a little tired of my tofu-potato-vegetable meals. Maybe it is just the heat or maybe it’s because i have pretty much eaten it 1-2 times a day the past few months. So at the moment i am really trying to vary what i eat and try new foods/meals…. even if i still resort back to certain meals when i don’t know what else to eat or make!

I have eaten bought brownrice to give rice a try again… i can’t even remember the last time i ate rice with a meal (that wasn’t sushi!). I really don’t like it, and the last time i can remember eating rice (i am sure i have eaten rice sometime since then…) i ended up with food poisoning. So that doesn’t exactly make me more appealed to eat this food. But in the past i have said i don’t like potatoes and have said i don’t really like pasta… ( i like certain types of pasta now) and even said i don’t like brussel sprouts and avocado. So tasts change… and maybe i do like rice now, who knows!

Anyway, onto Monday’s lunch which was a quick throw together rainbow pizza.


I went the easy route by actually buying a premade dough/pie crust from the store. But you can of course make your own crust…. there are so many ways – white flour and yeast, gluten free version, cauliflower crust, sweet potato crust and i have even seen people make pizza crust from quinoa. So the ideas are endless… but if you are short on time then storebought is a good version.

And the toppings and cheese sauce are of course endless as well.. whatever you prefer.

My cheese sauce/flavour was just nooch. But you could of course use vegan cehese that melts or make a cashew based cheese, or go one step further than me which is to boil and mix together oat cream with nooch to make it a thicker sauce. But for me… just using nutritional yeast worked fine!

I tried to make the rainbow colours but i didn’t have all the colours so it didn’t follow the rainbow colour order precisely!

Image result for rainbow colour

This is a type of recipe/meal i would call more of a snack…. it wasn’t so filling according to me. However it would work great as a snack for children and a way for them to eat their vegetables, or even make a huge pizza crust yourself and cut into small pizza slices and have as appetizers for friends or family if you are hosting a party!!


Vegan rainbow pizza




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  1. livenotsurvivesite says:

    You really have to try polenta pizza one day. Just boil polenta with some spices and salt and then take a cake ring and fill it with the boiled polenta and press the polenta down so that the polenta is about 1 to 1.5 cm thick. Remove the ring add some tomato sauce to your base and top it with whatever you like. And don’t forget the nooch for a cheesy flavour. Then bake it in the oven for about 20 minutes at 200°. Afterwards enjoy your super yummy vegan pizza😄


    1. Thank you for the tip/advice, i’ll have to try making polenta pizza someday!! 🙂


  2. This looks delicious! Thanks for the recipe.


    1. Thank you, i hope you get the chance to try it or try something similar 🙂

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