New month – August goals – Life update!

Hello and good morning everyone!!! And happy new month… if that is even a saying, haha.

I have very mixed feelings over the fact that it is August. Just one more summer month before the coldness begings slowly creeping in, and i am NOT ready for it. This summer i have noticed how much the weather impacts me, my mood and my energy levels. I really wish it didn’t, i wish i wasn’t so affected by the weather but for some reason i am.

The days it has been grey, gloomy and rainy i feel slow, tired, not as motivated and somedays even get this weird headache. Whereas the days it has been warm and sunny i feel so much happier, more energetic and life just feels amazing.  I am already dreading the winter months and how it may affect me mentally… but I am trying to just live in the present and not worry about the future, because who knows…. maybe this winter i won’t feel sad/low/anxiety ridden.

I only have a few more work weeks which is crazy, it has gone so fast. I remember in the beginning of summer just waiting and longing until i could start the job and have a schedule to work after. And now it is almost over…. I don’t know whether i will keep working even when studying, it depends on my schedule. I still don’t even know what and where i will be studying this autumn as i have applied to both distance courses as well as courses in different universites in my uni city. Just a few more days until i know, but even then i might not fully know until September if i end up on the reserve list.

There is not so much to say about my life recently. Work, went to a party with my work collegues – which was a good way to get to know them better, though i wouldn’t recommend being out until 2am when you have a work shift that begins at 6am the next day.

Otherwise i have been trying to get back to the gym after c.a 2 weeks away. I haven’t felt motivated and haven’t had the time because of my work schedule and the gyms open times are awful. It hasn’t bothered me though because even the times i have been able to go to the gym i just haven’t wanted to. But Monday i finally went back and i realised just how much i love strength training and working out at a gym. It feels like my second home and i feel in my element. I love the feeling of being strong and just feeling capable! Sometimes you need a break just to realise how much you like something.

And finally…. for some reason i feel like i have aged 5 years and want to finally begin decorating my apartment. I am the type of person who doesn’t care about interior or design. I want to keep my apartment clean, basic and black and white – very minimalistic style. But for some reason i suddenly want to buy pictures to put on my walls, i want scented candles and lights. I want to decorate my apartment. Not to mention i want to invest in a hoover and different kicthen appliances such as an airfryer, better mixer as the one i have is c.a 1 mix away from crashing, hahah. Also i am beginning to realise just how small my apartment is… i LOVE MY APARTMENT. But because it is so small.. no matter how clean it is, it still looks messy. Just the smallest of dust or curmbs is visible on the floor and just having one or two items that aren’t in drawers or cupboards makes the place look messy. A sort of clean freak inside of me is coming out. Not sure why…. i go through periods where i just clean everyday and want to deep clean everything and have no mess anywhere. Though the thing about living on your own in a tiny apartment is that you seem to have to clean everyday no matter if you just seem to lie in your own bed the majority of the time… a mess piles up somehow.

Modern Small Apartment Decorating Ideas On A Budget 13Home Tour — Hailey Andresen

Best Small Bedroom Ideas On A Budget 43Den här veckan har det märkts tydligt att det vankas inredningsmässor alldeles runt hörnet (danska Northmodern går ju av stapeln i dagarna och nästa vecka kickar Formex igång och därefter väntar…

I am also feeling this huge urge to travel… i have seen so many travel pictures and i just want to explore the world. See new places. I am tired of myself for holding myself back so much… either it is anxiety or don’t have time or don’t have money… always a reason or excuse. But someday i just want to travel and not have reasons or excuses holding me back.


So to end this post i thought i would share my August goals?

  1. Live in the present. Stop worrying about autumn and winter, just enjoy what is left of summer.
  2. Treat myself. I have worked… i have gotten a paycheck. If i need a hoover or want to buy a scented candle for myself… do it, don’t overthink it for 2 weeks and then talk yourself out of it. If i have the money, then why not treat myself.
  3. Get back to a regular sleeping schedule!!!
  4. Stop doubting myself so much
  5. Take more action – do more, instead of just dreaming!


I really don’t have so many goals this month if i am honest. Maybe get back to actually reoplying to comments and keeping in contact with my family weekly!!  But i feel like once school starts it is easier to have more of a routine and schedule. Even if going back to school means you are never really free as there is always reading and assignments to be done. Whereas now when i work.. when i leave work i am done and can just do other things and have nothing lingering in the back of my mind. So really i should have more time to blog, reply to comments and workout now compared to during school term!!

Anyway, this was my long life update and August goals!! Feel free to share your goals below 🙂



(Also to those emailing/messaging me – my old blog is back up again. The domain name had gone out of date so i had to renew it and set it up again so that my old blog is still available. I may not post there anymore but i know many reread old posts there, so i thought i would atleast rebuy the domain name for another 2 years and then after that i’ll see what i do 🙂 )


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kristin says:

    i’m completely the same way with the weather. on sunny days, i’m in a great mood and feel motivated and energized. on gray days, i want to stay inside and not do anything. even during the summer months, it is hard, because i work in an office and don’t get to enjoy the weather as much as i’d like. i definitely try to make up for it on the weekends!


  2. caroljoanne1969 says:

    Have you thought about getting one of those natural lights that are supposed to help during the winter months? It could make all the difference to your mood so maybe its worth checking them out?


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