Tofu satay recipe | Vegan & Gluten free

Satay sauce…. according to me it is the perfect balance of salty but with a slight sweet touch. In the past i tried to make a satay sauce which instead ended up in some type of clumpy, oily mess from the coconut milk and peanut butter. Not sure what i did wrong, maybe it was on too warm heat or maybe i added too much lime/lemon juice but it did not turn out good. Since then i haven’t tried recreating it again…. but i thought, now was the time.

I wanted to try make a tofu dish with satay sauce. If i am honest, i can’t tell you if it tastes exactly like regular satay sauce because i can’t remember the last time i have eaten this sauce/dish from a restaurant. But it turned out super tasty according to me and alot better than the last time i tried to make it.

Is this dish best served in summer on a warm hot day? No…. so wait until it’s a cold day to make this as then it is much better enjoyed, hahah!

Also the sauce can be used for other dishes, such as skewers, or bake a sweet potato and add the satay sauce on top… or why not roast a bunch of veggies and serve with the sauce!!




Vegan tofu satay recipe




If you make a recipe/food which doesn’t turn out good the first time, do you usually try it again/adapt the recipe until it turns out good… or do you just move on and not try the food/recipe again? 🙂

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  1. M. says:

    Dear Izzy, Could I ask about B12 supplements? You have written about the need to take them if one is not getting much B12 from animal products. The supplement forms seem to advise that one takes very high dosages. I know that there are competing pressures, such as the risk of low absorption, vs. the risk of overconsumption, but also the financial fact that people will buy more if they use more. Is it really appropriate to take very high dosages of synthetic B12?


  2. caroljoanne1969 says:

    This satay sauce looks really good! Its been ages since I last had it – I think it was from a Chinese takeaway that time but I`d love to have it again – so going to try this soon!
    When it comes to recipes not turning out “right” I tend to persevere until they do – it really annoys me when things don`t turn out as expected. I have had many a failed attempt at baking with gluten free flour but with a few tweeks here and there I am finally getting the hang of it, so it really is worth trying until you crack it 🙂


    1. You should try the satay sauce if you get the chance! it is definitely tricky to bake and cook with gluten free flour as you can’t just replace normal flour with GF in recipes, you often need to add more or add less of differetn ingredients to compensate. I have found that you often need to follow specific gluten free recipes when you are using GF flour. But with some experimentation i am sure you learn what works 🙂


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