First week in August: Life, work, what i will study in autumn!

The first week of August has passed and i have already noticed that its getting colder…. which i don’t like. Of course, here in Sweden we have been lucky that it has been so warm almost all summer… which i why it suddenly feels cold when it’s 20 degrees outside. Whereas that is usually the typical summer weather in Sweden….

I don’t want this to be a weather blog (too late for that!), but i do hope we still have a few more weeks of sun and warmth as i am not ready to start wearing jeans and jackets again. I just want to live my life in shorts and t-shirts all the time!

How has this week been….? It has been tiring and long. I was hit by this extreme tiredness this week and work has been ALOT. Of course it makes the workdays go quicker when there is alot to do, but it’s also 8-9 hours of stress trying to get everything done, and then it is just to head home, try to sleep before doing it all again the next day. So with not alot of hours of sleep and long workdays the tiredness hit me hard on Friday. I felt like i was going to get a cold and my body and mind were just screaming “Noooo”, but i got up, went to work and when the clock was 5pm my work week was done!


This weekend has been a much needed rest weekend. Finally getting the time to watch season six of Orange is the new black while eating ben and jerrys (best combo!). A kettlebell workout. Walk in the sunshine. Doing some cooking and meal prep for the week. Scheduling and writing posts – when i finally have the time for it! And today (Sunday) it will mostly just be about resting and continuing to watch OITNB!

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Of course it hasn’t been all work, i did have time to meet friends and have a picnick, had  time to do some baking, i had the water in my apartment building shut off which got me thinking alot about water consumption (how much we use and waste daily).



I also got to know which courses i got into for the autumn term and it turns out that i will be studying a course of exercise/training so alot of physiology/muscles as well as how to create training plans etc as well as courses about exercise and health, exercise nutrition and nutrition/stress/exercise. So a term with alot of focus on exercise which i am looking forward to… but i also know it will be tough.

I actually don’t have alot of knowledge about exercise…. but still i get daily questions about exercise, creating an exercise plan, exercise nutrition etc which i find strange because no where have i claimed to be an expert on exercise. I am alot more knowledgable when it comes to nutrition. But after this term i will have more knowledge which will help when i plan to coach and give advice to others – then i will have more knowledge about exercise and even stress/nutrition/exercise!

I also only have 2 more weeks of work left which i have mixed feelings about…. the time has gone so quickly. I have only had a summer contract, so no idea if it will be extended. But also don’t know how much i can work when school starts again…. or the first month i think i can work part time with my studies anyway, but after that i don’t know. I guess i’ll just see what happens!

That is life at the moment…..Crazy to think it is already August, the time is passing by so quickly and it is mostly eat, work, sleep, repeat!

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  1. Lily says:

    Oh my, your post just reminded me how quickly time passes by😅 Where I live, the heatwave continued if not grew this week, which make me so scared, because the change in the weather is visible over the last 10 years😱
    I hope you are doing well, and I’m happy you finally know which course you’ll be taking, which must be a relief. Wish you all the best:)


    1. Thank you so much!! 🙂 It is definitely scary with the heatwave, even if i also love the sun and warmth!


  2. carol says:

    Good to read that things are going well for you and that you are looking forward to your new course 🙂 You are so right about how quickly this Summer is going – already I have noticed it is taking longer to get light in the mornings and even the leaves are beginning to drop.
    Hope you managed to get some much needed rest and are having a good week 🙂

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