My weekly food shopping: cost? How many times a week? Staple foods?

In my recent Q&A on my instagram i got alot of questions about my grocery shopping: How often. How much i spend. My staple foods. How i shop i.e via list or just random. So i thought i would just make a post about it!

So…. my weekly grocery shopping?

Usually i do a weekly (or fortnightly) food shop from an online food store. The only big food store that is close to me is also the one i work at. And if i am honest… i don’t like shopping at the stores i work at…. i don’t know why, i just don’t. But also that it is a few tram stops away from where i live so i can’t do any huge weekly food shop without it being a huge mission just to get everything home. That’s why i prefer to do my food shopping online… not only do i know what i am spending my money on, but also when you work in a food store it is not as fun to go around food shopping haha.20180803_172806.jpg


I did however do a big food shop on Friday after work as i had a discount voucher i wanted to use – but bringing home 5kg watermelon, c.a 3kg potatoes as well as nuts, seeds, oatmilk, carrots, bananas etc was a mission hahah.

Usually when i buy my food online i do have to stock up on fresh produce (which usually isn’t the best from the online store) so i do go to the store where i live 2-3 times a week to get fresh produce, or just buy random food i get cravings for if that is the case. Or maybe i think of a recipe i want to try and then i need certain ingredients, then i’ll buy them. But usually i prefer to just use what i have at home and “make do” even if i am missing a certain ingredient.

When i do my food shopping i always buy the staple foods which are: potatoes, different frozen vegetables, avocados, some type of fake meat, tofu, vegan yoghurt, oat milk (ikaffe!), oat cream, beans (either dried or canned), crushed tomatoes as well as some nuts or seeds. And in winter, oats and lentils are also a staple foods.

And then once a month or so i will buy things like flour, corn flour, nut butter, salt, oil, spices and sauces etc when they run out.  And then c.a every 2-3 weeks i buy coffee as well as tea and things like muesli, bread, vegan margarine, ketchup, mustard, etc when i run out!

And if i have certain recipes or foods i want to make i will buy the ingredients for those example maybe tortilla bread, pasta, different spices etc

Note… i don’t keep my beans in the fridge, hahah. They were just there for the photo!

What about fruit….? I have gotten alot of questions about my fruit intake. Yes, i eat fruit… no i don’t eat so much fruit. Mostly because i don’t really crave it. Sometimes i will crave some mango or apples or bananas and then i’ll buy it, but i prefer and crave veggies. However i am trying to eat more fruit because i know it’s good for me. I may study nutrition and be a vegan, but that doesn’t automatically mean i eat lots of fruit. It goes in periods, sometimes i eat lots of frozen berries and fruit and other times i eat less…. At the moment it’s alot of bananas and watermelon and usually eat fruit at work during my breaks.

And another question i get asked alot is… how many avocados i eat/buy per week. I buy c.a 2-3 avocados per week and eat half an avocado a day. Unless i make guacamole, then i usually use a whole avocado. So really i don’t spend so much on avocado hahah. If i were to eat a whole one each day, then it would be expensive!



And the final question that everyone is so curious about… how much i spend?

Well i am not going to answer this online. I don’t like talking about money and especially not online. I do spend alot on food, but i also eat alot. Also i do buy alot of oatmilk, soya meat, vegan yoghurt etc which is why the price is rather high. If i were to just eat tofu, beans, potatoes, frozen vegetables and not eat oat milk or soya yoghurt, then i wouldn’t spend as much on food. But considering that i rarely buy anything else and do have a food account i don’t think what i spend is too much. Everyone has a different budget though… some people only buy and eat food for Xeuro a month, whereas that is usually my minimum weekly i spend on food. I don’t like talking about money because i know that some people have it very tough economically. I do live on a student budget and loan meaning that by the end of my studies my economical situation may be very different and i will have loans to pay back so then i might have to eat more noodles and potatoes and a little less fake meat and oat milk….

Also if i could, i would buy alot more nuts and seeds as that is something i love (and even frozen berries), but they really don’t fit into my weekly/monthly budget. Not when i can end up eating a whole pacakge within a few days… then it isn’t so economical. In the future i hope i can buy lots of nuts and seeds and not care about the cost!

And what about staple foods as a vegan?


I would say: Some type of carb/carbs such as potatoes, rice, pasta, noodles, quinoa, oats

Protein: Beans (dried = more economical), lentils, tofu. (Tempeh and fake meat are also good ptions if you have the money for them). Or buying vital wheat gluten to make seitan.

Healthy fats: Avocado, nuts, seeds, oil, nut butters

Fruit & different vegetables either fresh or frozen whatever your preference (i have written apost about the nutritional difference in fresh vs frozen, HERE)

Condiments: Crushed tomatoes, tomato sauce, mustard, soja sauce, liquid smoke etc

And then extras such as: chickpea flour, nutritional yeast, seasoning,  flour, sugar, corn flour, cacao powder, muesli, bread, vegan milk & yoghurt, vegan cheese, vegan sour cream/creme fraiche, vegan butter, rice paper etc




Sorry for the blurry picture!!!


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  1. carol says:

    My sister works in a food store and she won`t actually do any of her shopping there either, even though she would get a staff discount!
    I tend to do my shopping a similar way, one “big” shop every couple of weeks then just topping up with fresh/needed things in between. For items I use a lot of I have started buying in bulk which works out a lot cheaper in the long run.
    I have never tried ordering online and having shopping delivered but I must admit it sounds very tempting – no more heavy bags 🙂


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