Chia seed pudding recipe | Vegan & glutenfree

Chia seeds are one of the most nutritious seeds to eat. Not only are chia seeds a complete protein source (meaning they have all the amino acids) and contain c.a 19% protein. They are also a great source of fiber, c.a 11g per serving (and that is c.a half the daily recommendation!) which is important for heart health, good digestive system and keeping things “in check” regarding your digestive system, as well as can lower cholesterol levels. Because chia seeds swell up and contain so much fiber they are also a good filling snack and can help keep you full.

But most important of all, they are a source of plantbased omega 3 (ALA fatty acids) which is important to consume as a vegan. Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid which we need to get through our diet, as a vegan you can also consume walnuts and flax seeds/flax seed oil but chia seeds are seen as one of the best alternatives!


Chia seeds are still relatively new on the market and so there is still some doubt about how much to consume and whether it is healthy or not. But c.a 2 tbsp is what is recommended and to not overdose on chia seeds because it can have the opposite effect in your digestive system and cause blockage. So drink some extra water as the chia seeds absorb water. Also, don’t eat chia seeds dry… always soak them because otherwise they will absorb water while going through your digestive system, but also your body can’t absorb the nutrients in the chia seeds if they are still in dry form.

You can use chia seeds in baking, add them to oats so that your oats get more creamy and voluminous, you can make crackers and rawbars or you can use them to make “chia egg” when baking as well as making chia jam. But my favourite of all is chia seed pudding.

The flavours and combos are endless but also it makes for a great breakfast or snack… especially in summer if you don’t want warm oats.

Some people find it hard to consume the gel like substance which is chia seeding pudding, but you can always add oats, granola, fruit, nuts and different flavours to mask the chia seed consistency. However i personally love the gel like consistency and am a huge fan of chia pudding!


This is my new favourite snack not only because it tastes amazing and is quick to make, but is a filling snack, easy to pack with me and can’t deny that i love the nutrition benefits of the food! (I already take a vegan omega 3 supplement, but as a vegan you usually consume alot of omega 6… and there needs to be a balance/ratio between omega 3 and 6, and as omega 3 has anti inflammatory effects i don’t think it hurts to consume a portion of chia pudding a day!)



chia seed pudding recipe


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