The week that’s been…. life update/my thoughts/blogging.

Saturday morning and time to summarize the week that’s been…..?

Feeling slightly drained of energy at the moment…. or just feeling a little strange and “Out of it”.  I guess i am thinking about how my summer has been, what i have done and haven’t done… how quickly the time has passed. As well as thinking about autumn and what challenges the autumn will bring.

New school term, new courses with new classmates (?).  Just a year left of my program before i have my bachelors degree and hope to finally just commit to working with health coaching – to not hold myself back so much.

I am looking forward to studying again, but not looking forward to the cold and darkness that goes along with autumn and winter. Mixed feelings and thoughts at the moment. But i am looking forward to more of a routine again…  In summer usually all routines just sort of fade away and i take each day as it comes, which is also a good thing. But i am looking forward to hopefully trying to get more of a regular sleep schedule, get back to regular workouts at the gym and having more structure to my days!

On Monday i have a visit to the hospital to finally get the results of all the tests i did a few weeks/months back, so nervous to see what the results are…. good or bad or maybe just the same from the previous year. But i have a feeling it won’t all be positive results, but i am hoping to be proven wrong.

So onto my week…. well, it has been work, work, work with only one free day, And on that day i picked up my hoover i ordered online (No idea how i have managed to live 4 months without a hoover! It feels like my apartment is 10 times cleaner after just hoovering once. [I do have a mop and a sweeping brush so i have used those regularly haha]).img_20180808_131705_964.jpg

I got one morning of sunshine before i began my afternoon/evening work shift.

I bought 10 vegan chocolate bars for 50kr (i.e €5) as the best before date had passed. But they still taste fine… maybe not as good as a “fresh” version, but still edible.


This week has passed so quickly and i really haven’t done much as usual this past summer.

But my goal for next week is to try to structure up my life more. Also to spend one day just sitting at a cafe – or somewhere and getting a bunch of computer work done which i haven’t had the time for the past while. As well as different phone calls to be made and a whole bunch of emails i just haven’t had the energy to reply to.

Sometimes i am amazed by certain bloggers and influencers who have a fulltime job and then dedicated their evenings or mornings to getting everything blog related done…. sure, sometimes i manage but it isn’t always easy to take photos, schedule blog posts, actually have energy and motivation to write something. But then again if you are just writing a lifestyle blog it may be easier…..  I can’t imagine what it is like to try to film and do youtube as well as have a fulltime job and other social media to run. I can find it hard to balance just having a blog/instagram and working. But then again i guess that’s the difference between someone who is really trying to be successful online and someone who just does it partime/as a hobby, haha.

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  1. Paola Petri Ortiz says:

    I love summer weather, but I’m actually looking forward to autumn where I think I’ll be able to schedule better my days without having to “worry” about unexpected plans… I like that in summer I have the chance to meet more with my friends, but tbh I need more time to organize my life and be able to dedicate my full attention to my blog!


    1. That sounds great!! I feel the same, during summer there are more spontaneous events and less time inside on the computer so easy to sort of disregard blogging and different online work/emails/etc because you juse want to be outside doing things or spending time with friends! Good luck with the blogging!


  2. carol says:

    I like having more structure to my days too – taking a break from the usual routines of life is good but after a while I just long to “know where I am” again, if that makes sense?
    I hope getting your test results back next week goes ok for you 🙂


    1. ohh yess, that was what i was trying to explain. Routines and structure can help so much in life and just feeling more balanced and knowing what you are doing! Thank you 🙂 The results were pretty much as expected!


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