We are our own worst critics: Personal thoughts

It’s funny how i can look at pictures of others and always think they look amazing. I never see flaws or anything wrong, i just see the beauty in others but can struggle to do the same with myself.

I don’t like seeing myself on photos or on camera. I have found that since posting photos of myself on my Instagram i have also become more critical of myself…. i can’t just post “whatever” photo of myself. Instead i need to sit and choose the right one. I don’t edit myself, i just fix the light and contrast, but i don’t photoshop myself. Infact i don’t think i have ever done that in any of the photos of myself – but lighting and posing does play a roll when it comes to certain images and angles.

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I don’t like this critical side of myself. When i take 20 pictures and amn’t happy with any of them – just seeing all the things wrong with every picture. Either it’s my hair, my smile, my hands, my nose…. something wrong with all the pictures. When instead i could think… this is just how i look.

I can not compare myself to edited pictures of others.

I don’t find social media negative, not in the way i have used it. I haven’t found myself negatively affected, but i do find that this critical self that comes out when i post a picture of myself is not good or helpful.

I know i am not alone in feeling this way….  Example, whenever i take group photos with friends all of us just end up looking at ourselves – finding flaws and saying that everyone else looks good but that you don’t. In the end, there is always someone unhappy with the picture.

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I think what most people dislike about seeing themselves on camera is that a camera catches a second of reality. You see yourself in a way that you usually don’t considering that when you look in the mirror it is just a reflection. But also you may see yourself form angles you aren’t used to example from the side or from other angles, and that can make you think “do i really look like this?”.

The thing is, no one sees you in just one second pictures… people see the whole you. You in reality when moving and alive, and a picture can’t capture that.

I wish i could give some good advice, but the best is to just get comfortable infront of the camera. But also when posting pictures, try to careless about the perfect picture and just try to get a realistic and real life picture. Those are usually the best anyway according to me.

Also realise that no one really cares…. we often get caught up in our own pictures and how we look, when most people won’t even see the small things we get caught up on.

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But also unfollowing accounts that may make you feel bad about yourself and your body/appearance. If you feel yourself constantly comparing or feel like you need to look like them or have perfect pictures like them then maybe the best thing is to unfollow them. If they cause you negativity instead of inspiration then maybe it is time to unfollow.

Learn to love yourself and i guess just learning to see yourself more on camera and get comfortable with it is a good way to overcome the critic. But also just accept the way you look and that yes…. in some photos you will be caught from angles that you aren’t used to seeing yourself in and that is ok. You are only human and you don’t need to look like a photoshopped picture 24/7.

And this advicse is all meant for myself as well, of course! If you have any other tips or advice, comment below!! 🙂

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  1. I can totally relate… I’ve got to the point of tears when after taking 20+ pictures I still didn’t like any of them… But lately I’ve been trying to overcome that judgment and upload photos to my instagram that I don’t feel 100% comfortable with, because I know it’s just my own mind playing tricks. Ohh and btw I think you look great in all your pictures, I especially like your smile, you always seem so kind and sweet!

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