Benefits of different seeds | Nutrition post |Infographic

Seeds are not only super tasty , but also very nutritious!!


When it comes to food and eating, it is important to realise that food is food and not just numbers. It is not good to get caught up in seeing foods as protein/carbs/fat or just seeing food as numbers, however it may be interesting to see which foods contain alot of certain nutrients or minerals. Example if you need to increase your calcium or iron intake it might be beneficial to know which foods contain alot of that nutrient.

All foods contain different nutrients and minerals, i.e nuts and seeds are both a protein, fiber and fat source. As well as having antioxidants, different fatty acids and different vitamin and mineral compositions.

Not everyone is interested in knowing the nutrition facts of foods, but if you are…. here comes a little infographic with nutrition facts of 5 different seeds! (I am also going to make one about nuts).

If you like these types of nutrition posts, or other similar nutrition posts let me know!! I want to get back into sharing a little more nutrition posts when i have the time 🙂

nutrition facts of different seeds


Ways to eat more seeds:

Add to yoghurt or oats. Add some seeds ontop of your salad. Add some sesame seeds ontop of your food!

Roast them and eat as a snack. Make chiaseed pudding. Make seed crackers. Make raw food balls using different seeds.

Eat just as they are!

Like with all foods… important to eat them in moderation and balance. Especially with chia seeds and crushed flax seeds as they contain alot of fiber. Also crushed flax seeds contain the substance linamarin, which is converted into hydrogen cyanide in the body which is toxic. So don’t consume more than 2tbsp crushed flaxseeds. Whole flaxseeds aren’t broken down in the body, meaning that the linamarin isn’t absorbed and converted into hydrogen cyanide in the body. However whole flaxseeds are rich in fiber meaning you shouldn’t overconsume them unless you want stomach cramps and risk for diarrhea.

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  1. Lily says:

    I love these kind of posts! I wouldn’t mind if you kept on sharing them:)


    1. Thank you for the feedback 🙂 I want to try share more nutrition posts… especially when my studies begin again it will be easier to use the information i learn and share it 🙂


  2. stephanie says:

    You are totally right!!!
    I have my breakfast mix made of :
    grounded flax seeds – sesame seeds – sunflower seeds – chia seeds – shredded coconut – pumpkin seeds – crushed almonds – sultanas – dried mulberries or figs or prunes and activated buckwheat or oats….

    Terrific mix, packed of nutrients and filling


    1. Sounds sooo good and nutritious!! I love making mixes like that and eating with yoghurt or oats 🙂 Perfect fuel for the day or as a snack!


  3. This was super interesting!! Thanks for taking the time to do the infographic, it looks superb. And well I didn’t need to be convinced to eat seeds haha, I love them. But I truly enjoy knowing all the little nutritional details.


    1. Thank you!! Hhaha, i am glad you liked it. Seeds are sooo good and tasty and their nutritional benefits are just an extra plus!!


  4. carol says:

    Seeds are still somewhat of a mystery to me – I mean I know they are very nutritious but never know what to do/how best to eat them, so reading this was very helpful for me – some very useful tips.
    Love reading these nutrition posts – be great to see more when you can 🙂


    1. Thank you so much!! I hope to write more nutrition posts, especially now when school starts again soon! I love seeds and try to incorporate them into my diet as much as i can, not just because they are tasty but because they are so nutritious as well! Chia seeds and sesame seeds are usually my go to!


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