Vegan ice cream delivery| 3vänner glass|Review

On Tuesday i got a delivery from the company, 3vänner, which is a Swedish Finnish (updated) Ice cream company.

They make both dairy and non dairy ice cream, and of course i am a huge fan of their non dairy ice cream based on coconut cream. I first tried their ice cream several months ago and i loved it! It quickly became my no.1 favourite vegan ice cream… or atleast in tied first place with peanut butter and cookies vegan ben and jerrys. Then i got to try 2 of their other vegan ice cream flavours when i was at the vegan fair in spring (read more HERE). And i realised that i loved all of the flavours, unlike vegan ben and jerrys where i only like 1 of the 3 available.

3vänner contacted me and asked if they could deliver some ice cream for me to try, and of course i said yes…. because well 1) i love their ice cream, 2) it’s a swedish brand which i love supporting, 3) i was feeling low after my hospital visit and needed a pick me up and 3) i wasn’t expecting so much ice cream hahaha. They delivered SO MUCH ice cream… and i can say, i have already eaten a bunch of it!!



They haven’t asked me to post or do a review, but i thought i would do a review of their ice cream anyway as i have done other ice cream reviews in the past!

The four vegan flavours they have are: Peppermint and chocolate. Chocolate, nuts and fudge sauce. Coconut and pineapple. Licquirice and coconut.

I have to start off by saying that i LOVE the coconut based ice cream, it is so much more creamier than ice cream based off of cashews or oats… it has a different texture and doesn’t become “icy.”


Second, i love the flavour combos. Because i must admit… i am a little tired of vegan ice cream only coming in the flours chocolate, vanilla or strawberry.

And third, i love that the chocolate and nuts and the licqourice and and coconut flavour have little aded extras which always make for an extra tasty ice cream experience!



If i am honest, i can’t choose a favourite…. but i would say the peppermint and chocolate would be in 4th place (or maybe 2nd place and all the others are in tied first place)… just because i amn’t a huge fan of peppermint.

Review time:

Chocolate, nuts and fudge sauce: This flavour is super creamy and if you like chocolate ice cream you will love this flavour. Not to mention the fudge sauce which is actually on top/in the middle and not at the very bottom like other ice creams. Also has peanuts for crunch, which i love! This flavour gets 5/5. And note… it is FAR TOO EASY to eat the whole ice cream in one go.


Licqourice and coconut: I am a huge fan of licqourice. Sometimes i can buy bags of licqourice and eat in one go, so not strange that i love this flavour. It has a liquourice sauce added as well which adds a little extra, it has a perfect balance of sweet and salty. Because it has such a balance of sweet and salty it satisfies both cravings – and once again, the coconut base makes it so creamy and delicious.




Coconut and pineapple: This was the one flavour i hadn’t tried before. It is SO FRESH. The pineapple is almost like sorbet, and the coconut is creamy so it makes for the perfect taste. It reminds me of the candy which has the sort of white-foamy base, and the sweet jelly (if that makes sense.) Basically an amazing combo and i could gladly eat this ice cream for breakfast and call it a smoothie, hahahah. Infact, just writing this review makes me want to go to the freezer and eat a pot of this ice cream.


Peppermint and chocolate: This ice cream has christmas feelings because of the peppermint. The two flavours work well together and it is incredibly creamy… but i just can’t get past the peppermint which i am not a huge fan of. The positive is that it does have small chocolate pieces in it, so adds a little crunch!


All of these are best eaten after the ice cream has had time to defrost c.a 5-10 minutes, or you just put it in the microwave c.a 20-30seconds if you are impatient like me XD

For now these ice creams are just available in Finland and Sweden, but maybe they will be available in other nordic countries in the future and who knows maybe they will expand to other European countries as well. But you can see which stores sell the ice cream HERE

I highly recommend these ice creams, and this is not a biased opinion, this is an honest review and opinion. They are pretty much the same price of vegan ben and jerrys i.e not the cheapest ice cream, but that just makes them extra tasty!!

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  1. John says:

    It’s actually 100% Finnish company. They started in Finland years ago under the name ” 3 kaverin jäätelö” and when they expanded to Sweden they translated the name to Swedish.


    1. Thank you for letting me know 🙂 I should have done better research haha!


  2. I can’t believe I’ve read the whole review drooling only to find out at the end that it’s not available in my country! You’ve broken my heart, Izzy! (joking). I think the coconut and pineapple flavor would be my favorite.


    1. Hahah, that’s always have i feel when i see new vegan products in England or Germany or USA and think they will be available in Sweden as well….. all vegan food should just be universal/international! That flavour is soo good…. well they all are!


  3. You really have to visit Austria if you have time. We have so many good vegan ice creams based on oats. They are incredibly creamy and available in so many different flavours like salty peanut, strawberry, nougat, raspberry, coconut, vanilla, caramel and cookies, coffee and caramel, mango. I can’t even choose which flavour is the best because they are all so amazing and taste like real ice cream. Of course there are many other brands too which sell a lot more flavours but those are really great:)


  4. carol says:

    Well I certainly hope they will become available here sometime – would love to try the liquorice flavour 🙂 What a lovely treat being given all that ice cream to try!


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