Banana bread chickpea deep dish pizookie | Vegan recipe

A combo of banana bread, brownie and a chickpea deep dish cake …. which turns into a sort of pizookie (i.e a deep dish cookie with ice cream on top).

Basically i wanted to make banana bread, brownies, chickpea deep dish pie as well as cookie ice cream sandwiches….. and it led me to make this! Inspired by katies chickpea deep dish pie, but with my own creativity and idea as well! This turned out really good, rather dense but still delicious.

You can adapt this recipe and use oats or maybe try a gluten free flour/gluten free oats, as well as using a sugar free syrup or omit the syrup and just go for sweetener if you want to make it free from refined sugar 🙂

The thing i love about this recipe is that it can be made into a dessert, but you can also adapt it so that it can be turned into a perfect snack bar to have with you in school or work!

You could also adapt this recipe to actually make a cookie pie and brownies (skipping the chickpeas, bananas etc and just going for “regular” cookie/Brownie ingredients) and make a cake that way! 🙂

Not only did i enjoy making and eating this cake, i also enjoyed taking photos of it!

chickpea pizookie pie recipe20180817_184528.jpg



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