Spinach, sundried tomato and olive puff pastry | Vegan recipe

One of those “accidently vegan” foods is puff pastry. Most often it is vegan because it is cheaper for the factories to use margarine instead of butter. So the more expensive puff pastries usually contain butter and aren’t vegan.

When i was younger i used to eat different puff pastry snacks/foods which i liked, though i never liked cornish pasties as a child. However now when i am older, i love puff pastries with different fillings!


The fillings you can make are endless… you can even use the puff pasty to make desserts and sweet dishes!!

I got this idea which i really wanted to try and it turned out so good. Puff pastries with a cream cheese-spinach-olive-sundried tomato filling. This works both as a main meal and as a snack 🙂


(To those wondering… yes, i still get stomach pain from sun dried tomatoes 😦 However i love them and so i sort of made the decision that yes, i know i will get a stomach pain from the sun dried tomatoes, but i will just be at home so i might as well eat it and enjoy the meal and just deal with the stomach pain as a consequence.) I am sure others who have different intolerances towards certain foods know how it is, when you love a certain food but your stomach doesn’t… sometimes you decide to just deal with the pain just to enjoy the food hahaha.

Anyway…. here is the recipe for the puff pastries if you want to try them yourself 🙂


puff pastry recipe 220180813_111952.jpg20180813_114240.jpgScreenshot_20180818-114410_Instagram.jpgScreenshot_20180818-114430_Instagram.jpg



7 Comments Add yours

  1. stephanie says:

    guess that we are super lucky to have organic wholemeal olive oil puff pastry !!!!


    1. Ohhh that is awesome. I need to see if there are some other puff pastry brands that use olive oil (Or some other oil) instead.


  2. carol says:

    You have Cornish pasties in Sweden ?


    1. No i don’t think so…. but i had them when i used to travel to England with my family 🙂


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