Mini goals

Hello and happy new week everyone…. or one day late, haha. I had planned to write and post this on Monday but i was busy doing other things and didn’t really know what to write in this post.

I thought i’d do a life update, but there really isn’t one. My life is far from exciting at the moment and there isn’t much to give an update about.

Or well, i have now finished my summer work schedule. Mixed feelings about that.  I like working and will miss it… but at the same time i have recently begun to feel so physically tired due to my CF, so it is kind of nice to not have to work for the next 2 weeks. My work has involved alot of physical activity almost everyday and i feel like i haven’t slept enough as well as my CF health not being the best. So  these next two weeks i just want to focus on sleeping, working out and doing things i enjoy such as cooking, baking, listening to podcasts!

I have said i want to continue working, evenings and weekends. So i am waiting to get my school schedule and then maybe an autumn work schedule. Not sure how often i can or will work but maybe one or two weekends each month will work out ok and be an extra income which is always positive as a student!

So that is about my only life update – otherwise just trying to focus on improving my CF health!

I thought i would share with you some of the mini goals i have set myself for this week, as well as the rest of the autumn/year!

  • Do a daily maths question. I was listenig to a podcast and a person was talking maths and helping others with maths and it made me realise that it has been c.a 3 years since i have done any “real” maths. Sure, my university course does involve maths within statistics, counting calories, macros, exercise and other nutrition related maths. But it is not really the same thing. I used to be good at maths and enjoyed maths… but after highschool i just haven’t really needed or wanted to do any maths apart from what is necessary. But i want to challenge myself to do a daily maths question, or atleast weekly hahah. I think it will be good for my brain and to challenge myself, because i do enjoy maths… i just don’t really need it in my daily life.


  • Start reading more – whether it is articles, fiction books, coaching/nutrition books…. just to read more, both in english and Swedish. Not only to improve my grammar, but also because i feel like my brain needs it. The best is if i can read a mix of it it all, i.e both articles within nutrition/science/medicine as well as articles to know more about what is happening in the world. As well as different books to learn more about my topics of interest and even some fiction or more real life stories to spend less time on social media.


  • Third, read up on politics. In september there is a vote/election and at the moment i don’t know anything about the different political parties. The first thing of course is to figure out what my own opinions are on different areas and which things i would want to change/feel strongly about and then find which political party has goals/agenda aligned with that. But i feel like i need to sit down and just read about the different political parties… i know of course which party i won’t be voting for.


  • Fourth, is of course to do my daily inhalers. This is one of the most important things for my CF health – combined with daily exercise. I have basically said to myself, it doesn’t have to be perfect i.e if i do it perfectly it can take up to 45-60 minutes. Instead i have said to myself… just inhale the medicine for as long as i can. Put on some youtube and don’t see it as a chore….. For now, that is all i can really commit to and it is better than just not doing my inhalers at all. Even if it would be best to do it twice a day (i.e c.a 2 hours of my day) as well as all the extra medications and breathign exercises, in total it would take about 2,5-3 hours of my day if i did it perfectly according to my fysiotherapy.
  • Fifth, keep working towards my goals. Make sure that my choices are aligened with my goals and not hold myself back so much. I keep doubting myself and thinking things won’t work…. but just atleast give things a try before i decide they won’t work.20180820_164949.jpg


What are some of your goals for the week/month/year? 🙂

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  1. Laura says:

    I have a lot of goals I want to achieve the next few months. I want to finally move out of my parents house to start university, to get a weekend job, to finish my drivers licence and to finish my summer job. I also want to get back into my yoga routine and maybe do some yoga classes and start eating more varied. And I want to start with photography and socialize more. So I really have a bunch of stuff to work on😅


    1. Those are great goals!!! Usually when you write or say your goals it is easier to stay motivated towards them, or atleast be reminded of what your goals are 🙂 I hope you reach them!!! And good luck with your drivings licence and starting university 🙂


  2. I loved the part about making choices that align with your bigger goals!! I often don’t take into account the bigger picture and end up frustrated because I commit to doing a lot of things that I maybe enjoy but that don’t let me time to do what I really want to do. So my goal is to work in that!


    1. That is a great goal!! Uusually when a goal is big or it is a long term/future goal, it can be easy to forget about the goal and get sidetracked, but in the end it is all the small choices that lead up to the big goal. Example if you are running a marathon, then you need to do the weekly runs and rest/eat accordingly so that you can succeed at running a marathon, and not just show up on the day of the marathon and think that it will go just as planned without any training.
      Hahah, not sure if that makes sense, hahah.


  3. carol says:

    My main goal is to focus on my personal health – I have been going through a rough patch health-wise
    recently and need to get on top of it and pay more attention to it. I am scheduled to have an operation around Christmas time so need to get as physically well as I can so I am better able
    to cope with it.

    And also to spend more quality time with my partner, not just doing the things we have to do but make time for “us” as well – its been ages since we went out socially together so need to organise some “date nights” 🙂 Its so easy to get caught up with the demands of life that I neglect other areas, so need to remedy this!


    1. Oh, i am so sorry to hear about your health. It sucks when health is declining or not so good, but hopefully you can stay motivated to work on improving it, as much as you can.
      And that is such a good goal, to spend more quality time with your partner. It’s easy to fall into routines where you just of live together/do the basic things together but forget to have dates/quality time. I’ve heard from different people/couples that they usually try to schedule date nights or quality time…. even more important if you have children, then it can be harder to have quality time!


  4. Yaya says:

    Will you make a vlog soon? 🙂


    1. I don’t have any plans on it right now, hahah. My life isn’t so exciting at the moment so i don’t really have anything to share. I might start doing informational/talk videos… who knows, i can’t promise anything.


  5. Love this! Hope you are crushing these goals ❤


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