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Vegan Quesadilla with sweet potato and black beans | Recipe

When tortilla bread is being sold for half the price, i made a spontaneous decision to buy it… not knowing what i would use it for. Of course, the typical thing is to make tacos…. (which i think i will make with the left over fillings!), and i might make some home made nachos. But i wanted to try something new… maybe a burrito – but i didn’t have rice (and don’t like rice!). And then i thought…. why not make quesadillas.

If i am honest, i have never had quesadillas before…. and i am pretty much quesadillas typicaaly have a bunch of melted cheese. But as i didn’t have vegan cheese at home, i decided to just make my own version of quesadillas….. which i basically do with all recipes. I just adapt them and do my own thing!!!

Another recipe with tortilla bread is enchiladas or even a tortilla cake…. maybe that will be the next thing i make, who knows!

These quesadillas take about 10 minutes to make – depending on what fillings you are using, and can be enjoyed as a snack (instead of a typical sandwich!). Also  a good appetizer if you are having a party/have guests over 🙂 And of course you can use gluten free tortilla bread (or corn flour tortillas) if you prefer!!!

Quesadilla recipe20180818_113706.jpg20180818_113529.jpg20180818_115733.jpg




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