How to store fruit and veggies & how long they last

I may be 22 years old and eat a whole bunch of fruit and vegetables daily… but if i am honest, i have no idea how to store fruit or vegetables correctly. Or well, i did learn about this in one of my courses in school but it went in one ear and out the other. (I.e after my test was done i just forgot everything i leant, haha)

Basically i just keep most of them in my fridge and don’t think twice about it…. but i know that some of the fruit and veg i have would be best kept in the pantry or a cold, dark place which isn’t the fridge. Not to mention that some fruit and veg should be kept seperate, or some should be stored side by side so that they ripen quicker (?).

I found an infographic and some information about how to store certain fruit and veg properly, as well as how long they last if stored correctly which i wanted to share. Not just for you, but for me as well… maybe i will finally learn and store the produce correctly. Though i sort of think…. i will manage to eat or cook the food before it goes bad so it doesn’t really matter.

I hope this helps someone else 🙂

When it comes to advice on working in the kitchen, there's a lot of ground to cover. Anyone who can master the art of making food is truly talented! -- Click image for more details. #homeimprovement

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  1. This is so infomative! Thank you so much for sharing

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  2. carol says:

    This is very usefull – thanks for thinking of posting it 🙂
    The info on food packaging varies so much – when I buy packaged new potatoes it says store in the fridge but I have also read that putting potatoes in the fridge alters their sugar content – not so nice – so room temp is best? And if you put tomatoes in the fridge the texture changes, ie they go mushy.
    Another thing – has bottled things like ketchup and pickles changed over the years? I remember them always being kept in the cupboard when opened, now all the labels say put them in the fridge. Maybe they don`t have so many additives/preservatives now?


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