5 new vegan products | Chips, ice cream, beyond burger | Eating processed food?

Now a days it feels like i can’t keep up with all the new vegan products being released on the market! Just in Sweden it feels like there are constantly new products to try, and i keep seeing updates/pictures of new vegan items being released in the U.S, U.K, Germany etc

It feels great knowing that more and more people want to eat vegan food and that companies are catering to that, and realising the demand for vegan food is high. Of course, i know that i am lucky to live in Sweden (and also in one of the bigger cities) where there is alot of vegan items on sale. In the smaller cities/towns in Sweden the range of products for vegans isn’t as high. And i know that in other countries they might not have the same access or variety of vegan products to choose from.

Recently, i have seen some comments – not directed at me – that all these new vegan foods are processed and unhealthy and that vegans shouldn’t eat them. Vegans should just eat healthy. Comments like that make me a little irritated, because the truth is… veganism doesn’t have anything to do with health. I.e you can eat oreos and fries and be vegan.

But if you are more focused on health, then you eat a wholefood plant based diet, and then maybe you restrict or limit intake of certain foods. But as long as you are eating foods that don’t have any animal products, then it’s fine as a vegan.

From a nutrition point of view i may have my opinion on people only eating junk food/processed food. But generally, i am positive to all the new vegan foods and alternatives. Because most people have some form of balance in their food. And if meat eaters/omnivores can see the vegan alternatives and realise that they might want to try the vegan option then that is great, and it can make it easier for people to transition to a plantbased diet/vegan lifestyle.

And the truth is… people will be eating pizza, ice cream, chocolate, cake anyway so why not make vegan options available so that people have the alternative to choose that anyway.

And processed food in moderation doesn’t have to be bad…. of course i wouldn’t recommend anyone to base their whole diet off of store bought, processed food. But it can definitely be part of a healthy diet. And in the end, as long as it’s vegan according to me! (Also, i think most people are aware that they shouldn’t just eat ice cream and pizza).

This is of course just my opinion, but it is important to know the difference between a vegan lifestyle (vegan for the animals) and eating plantbased for health.

Here are 5 new vegan products available (or soon to be!) in Sweden!


  1. Vegan Magnum! I think it will be released in two flavours…. a little late for new ice cream releases according to me. But if i find it i will definitely try it – even if i have been more of a cornetto type of girl!
  2. 2 new sandwich toppings & burgers from Quorn. Usually Quorn isn’t vegan as it has egg whites, but these sandwich toppings have the vegan label so they’re safe! (Just make sure to check Quorn items incase they have egg white).
  3. Vegan cornetto. I think these have been available for a while but i haven’t found them anywhere… so for me, they’re new!
  4. Beyond burger which is said to be very similar to actual beef burger – and uses beetroot juice to “Bleed”, is available in Sweden now. And more places will hopefully be serving it, as now it is just in one restaurant branch in Stockholm. Some people may be put off this burger as it is said to be too realistic, but i want to try it if i get the chance. I haven’t eat red meat in about 7-8 years so i really can’t remember the taste or texture, and i love vegan fake meat so i don’t know how i will feel about the burger if it too realistic.

And there are 3 (i think) new vegan chips are being sold. But i only found one of them which i decided to try. Lentil chips with the taste of ranch and sourcream. My opinion is that they were slightly dry and flavourless, but reminded me of the bacon chips you can get at the cinema…. except these had less flavour. I like the other lentil chips available, so i was a little disappointed with these if i am honest.

I am excited to see more and more products/foods available in stores over time! Seeing the vegan trend grow, and hopefully more and more people will try going fully vegan – or atleast seeing how easy it is to cut down on animal products!


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  1. jarunkacube says:

    And to wrap it up: you can eat healthy and not being vegan!
    No offense. I just felt the need to say it.


    1. Oh of course haha. I always say that… that animal products in moderation isn’t necessarily unhealthy. It’s important to set aside ethics and nutrition. A vegan diet isn’t always healthy, even if it’s the most ethical. Plant based diet does have many nutritional and health benefits but if someone has many allergies or intolerances it may not be a healthy way of eating at all.


  2. Totally agree with you here! If people are vegan for their health that’s great for them. But I’m not one of those people… gimme all the vegan ice cream and cheese and burgers! Haha! 😀

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    1. Hahahah i am exactly the same!! I am just lucky that i love vegetables as much asi love chocolate!

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  3. Lily says:

    I am sooo excited for the vegan magnum. I always loved magnum, so I would really appriciate if the company released it europe-wide so I could try it as well😃


    1. I think it is awesome that companies are making more vegan products! Hopefully they will be available in all places that sell the regular magnums! I always find it strange when the vegan option is only available in some places when the regular version is availabel everywhere…. i guess they just want to test and see how the product sells!


  4. carol says:

    I think its great that more vegan alternatives of well known food products/brands are becoming available – if only so people get the choice to try the alternative to their usual food!
    The vegan cornetto has been available here this summer and Tesco is said to be stocking the burger soon – not too sure about that one – can`t quite see why anyone would want their burger to “bleed”, even if it is only beetroot juice?
    I really like your “new product” posts 🙂


    1. Thank you 🙂 Yeah i am alittle skeptical of the burger, but i want to try it soon i hope! I think many vegans who miss meat – but don’t eat it for ethical reasons – like when it tastes/is the same as meat. Or maybe just so that it is easier for meateaters to dare to try vegan products… don’t really know!


  5. I love vegan junk food only because when I became a vegetarian more than 10 years ago there were hardly any products in stores catering to us – so when I see new tasty things, I want to gobble them up. But I do try and limit the amount of junk and processed food I eat.

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    1. Me too!! Wow, it must feel great to see the expand and demand for vegan products!! From maybe only being able to eat few items/foods to now having whole shelves/aisles of vegan food in stores!


  6. Vegan Gal says:

    Yes! Such a good post! It’s totally true — there’s an assumption vegan means healthy and that’s not always what it’s about for people. The more plant-based food options out there, the better.


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