The week that’s been | Back to studying, illness, life update

Hello and happy weekend everyone 🙂

I hope everyone has had a good week and is enjoying their weekend! I can’t actually remember when i did a last update, or what i wrote then (apart from my post on Tuesday). But i thought i would do an update of the week that’s been.

This week has mostly been about getting back into school mode and school mindset, as well as resting up as i have come down with a cold. (As well as working on a lecture which will hopefully happen!).

I thought it would be harder to get back into studying again, but surprisingly it hasn’t been so hard. I have felt a little (or alot) demotivated at the moment and thought that it would hold me back with studying. But when i borrowed a few course litterature books and began reading i felt that rush of, “i love learning and want to keep reading and taking notes.” Of course, once the assignments start flooding in and i am balancing 2-3 different courses, lectures, work and everything else as well as the pressure of grades, tests, assignments then that feeling of loving to learn can easily turn into just stress. But my first lecture doesn’t begin until next week, so i thought it is the perfect time to get a head start and read up on litterature so it doesn’t feel too overwhelming when everything actually starts again.

Learning more and educating yourself really is a wonderful thing and definitely not something you should take for granted. Not everyone can go to university and not everyone can learn or wants to learn more, so if you are someone who is educating yourself more (and doesn’t have to be in university, there are plenty of ways to learn and get an education!) that is something you should be happy that you have the capability to do!

Otherwise i have mostly been sleeping/resting at home as i have come down a cold… Already feeling better now – the headache, throatpain and tiredness is gone, so that’s positive. One more day of rest and then i’ll slowly try get back into routines!

At the moment i am so thankful for home delivery of food as my fridge and freezer are rather empty, and because i have a cold i haven’t had the energy to go food shopping or do any big food shop this weekend. So i have been able to order online and am awaiting my delivery today!!

So empty, haha!

This week i also had lunch with a follower – which i mentioned in my post on Tuesday, which was a lot of fun! It’s always strange in someways as the person i am meeting usually knows more about me than i know about them, but i am hoping that the way i portray myself online is also the way i am in reality… but who knows.

I actually don’t know which image i send out, or how i portray myself online. I don’t know what people think or how they percieve me…. maybe i am portraying myself completely different and i don’t even realise? I think it is so important to be authentic and be who you are online, because what happens if you meet followers(?) in real life and you both look and act completely different to how you portray yourself online. That has happened to me (i.e i met people i have followed online at different festivals/events) and they have been completely different and it made me want to unfollow them as they seemed so fake/rude at times. But maybe it was just stress/tiredness/bad day you can’t always judge a person based off of just a x minute/second long meeting.

And lastly…. well i have been in a real mental funk… not doing so great at all. Still in some sort of weird phase i can’t seem to pull myself out of. Too much overthinking, lack of routines and just life in general. I think most of all i just need to get some structure and routines back into my life again……


So that’s my life update and thoughts this past week!

I hope you have all had  a great week and have a lovely Sunday if you are reading this on Sunday!

And here are some of my meals from this week, as people seem to like to see what i eat XD

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  1. That food all looks amazing!


  2. carol says:

    Glad you are feeling better – I`m just getting over a cold bug too, its miserable being ill 😦
    Good luck with your new studies this term – its exciting beginning a new course and looking forward to all it has to offer!


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