Vegan spinach-tofu pizza rolls!

So these are pretty much the same/similar to my puff pastries i made a while ago… but this time i wanted to make them into rolls. I have seen people making these pizza rolls and i wanted to do the same thing… mine didn’t really turn out the way i wanted. I should have squeezed out the liquid from the spinach more, and also waited until the filling had cooled down before adding to the puff pastry. However, even if they don’t look the way i had expected (or wanted), and didn’t turn out 100% crispy they were still super delcious. (Both warm and cold… infact, almost more delicious cold the next day!)

And thse are actually a really good snack/appetizer to make. And of course you can vary the fillings alot, like maybe pizza rolls or taco rolls 🙂 I definitely wouldn’t say no to these if i was offered them as appetizers!

Also this sort of shows more “reality/realistic” food compared to food photographers and stylists who are so talented and can make their food look amazing – all the time. Of course there is alot of time, practise and hardwork behind food photography and food styling, so their perfect food isn’t just a coincidence, haha! Maybe one day i will try put more time to make my food look better.. but for now i also like jsut showing my realistic – but delicious food!

Spinach tofu rolls recipes


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  1. Thuvarha says:

    Extra firm tofu?


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