The week that’s been – hospital appointments, back to school and life update

Good morning!

I thought i would try to keep up with some type of regular blogging and summarize the week that’s been!

Monday was a rather slow day for me as i was just preparing for the week and resting up, though a few hours of litterature reading and note taking was done.


Tuesday morning i was up early as i had a hospital appointment with tests at 8am. The only positive thing about having to fast for blood tests and other tests is that you can basically wake up, roll out of bed, brush your teeth, get dressed and go. So that meant i could hit the snooze button a little too many times but still arrive on time.

I did a blood glucose test which meant drinking 200ml of glucose and then i had my blood sugar checked after 30 minutes, 60 minutes and 2 hours. (I have also done this as a school assignment which you can read more HERE). Because of my cystic fibrosis i have a risk of getting CF related diabetes, as my pancreas can stop producing insulin and enzymes, so every year – or second year – i need to do this test. However, during the years i was sick with my eating disorder i completely refused to do the test as it meant drinking the glucose drink – and that TERRIFIED me. I mean i would rather drink something tastier like a milkshake or smoothie, but it isn’t so bad to just gulp it down in 1 minute!

And then i also had to test my enzyme levels – i.e my body doesn’t produce enough enzymes to digest food, so they wanted to check how much i actually produce. And i have recently had alot of pain in my stomach which could be related to my pancrease so they wanted to check what it may be. And i even met with the psychologist…. which was strange. We basically just agreed that there wasn’t really much she could do… i am not in a stage where i really want or need help… and don’t even realy know what i need help with. I have pretty much heard several therapists tell me that throughout my whole life…. but i guess you have to be willing to open up and want help to recieve it.

The rest of Tuesday i spent studying at school, before heading home, making food and falling asleep rather quickly.


Wednesday and my first lecture again after the long summer holiday. It felt good to be back in lectures again, but i must admit…. i love having my freedom and getting to decide when and where i study. I don’t have alot of lectures this month, which is a good thing as it means that i do still have alot of freedom and can choose to study whereever i want! I also found the vegan magnum ice cream on my way home – i did a little taste review on my IG story!

Thursday was a very unproductive day for me. I just felt very very tired, so apart from a 5km run at the gym i didn’t do much else. I tried to write blog posts and tried to study but my brain pretty much said “no”. So instead of freaking out and panicking and feeling like i was wasting a whole day where i could be productive and working i thought…. my brain needs the rest and even if i tried to study or write blog posts, it wouldn’t turn out good and i most likely wouldn’t remember anything i wrote. So a well needed mental rest day!


Friday another day of studying and had some things to do in town. And i also prevoted in the general election which is on Sunday, 9th September. I have been a little indecisive on which party to vote on… but i did my part and voted for the party i believe in most. This is the first year which i have actually read up on the election and the different parties. When i was 18 and first allowed to vote i think i just voted for the same thing as my family as i didn’t read up on the parties or take a stance on what i believe in.


When i got home from my day of studying i made a “one pan veggie roast” which is one of my favourite type of meals to make. It’s usually the food i make which i don’t show on my instagram because it always looks messy and is so simple… but apparently people loved it and never thought about the idea that you could just roast a bunch of veggies in the oven at the same time, hahah.

And i also made dessert which was sombrero chips (lightly salted corn chips) with melted vegan chocolate! You could do the same thing with popcorn and melted chocolate… i love the combo of sweet and salty!

This weekend will entail studying and some online work stuff and i’ll see what else i get up to!!

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