Sweet potato and carrot soup with coconut milk (vegan, gluten free)

After several days of grey and rainy weather… i am declaring it officially autumn in Sweden, hahaha.

I don’t actually know when summer turns into autumn “officially”, but i feel like i need to let go of the idea and dream that i will wake up and it will be 30 degrees and sunshine outside. Instead, it is time to focus on autumn and winter. Maybe investing in some autumn shoes and jacket… and an umbrella!

This weather makes me want to just eat a bunch of warm food, and soup is awesome during this weather! Soup and freshly baked bread are 2 favourites during autumn/winter. Though if you don’t want to eat bread, then making seed crackers (or other types of crackers) works great with soup!

This is an old and updated soup recipe – i.e i made this last year. But i thought i would go through some old recipes and update them with a recipe card, maybe readjust the measurements if necessary!  I want it to be easier to read the recipes and find the recipes on my blog 🙂

When i was in the store i also found an olive oil based spread which i have always wanted to try but it has cost around 50kr (€5) and have never thought it was worth it. But it was 50% off, so i thought i might as well get it a try. (i.e this is not sponsored!)

It definitely has an olive oil taste, and i am not a huge fan of olive oil so it wasn’t to my liking. I prefer the creaminess of vegan margarine, however it did taste better the more i ate it, but i don’t know if i would buy it again. Though i do like that it is made with oils i.e unsaturated fats and no cholesterol or saturated fats as well as no palm oil. But i think i will stick to the normal vegan margarine – as it is not something i consume alot of, it’s fine to eat from time to time.

Sweet potato and carrot soup recipe



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