Vegan apple pie | Recipe

2 recipes in one day? I really should have planned my posts better, hahah… but you can’t really complain when it is two super delicious recipes!!

For someone who lives alone, i sure do bake alot, but as it is very therapeutic and the end result is delicious it is hard to not bake!

I may be someone who loves “extra everything” when it comes to making cakes and desserts…. why make cookies when you can make cookies stuffed with oreos? Why make brownies when you can make cookie/brownies. Why make one cake when you can make two?

But apple pie is one of those forgotten, simple desserts which is just a classic. And when you serve it warm with vanilla ice cream or custard, you realise how the simple things are often the best!

**Note none of the cakes shown below are vegan – Apart from the apple pie of course! *

This was actually a type of raw food cake (minus the chocolates) i.e i used black beans and avocado and coconut oil etc
That time i made 3 cakes for midsummer… and there were only 3 of us eating!

This recipe calls for just the basic baking ingredients which you may already have at home – so you can just whip this together. And great to use up apples if you are tired of eating them as they are!


Another great thing about this recipe is that you can most likely switch the flour for just oats, switch sugar for stevia (or other sweetener) and you could maybe use half the margarine and use coconut oil instead. As usual i go for the “normal” flour, sugar, butter combo as i don’t see the point in switching to other ingredients when making a dessert. But i know that many would like to skip gluten, sugar and margarine… so you can test this recipe with other ingredients – but i can’t guarantee the results!

Note, you can most likely make these into small muffins/apple pie crumble muffins if you like!

Also, cinnamon is key to making this delicious!


Apple pie recipeScreenshot_20180831-170141_Instagram.jpgScreenshot_20180831-165700_Instagram.jpg20180831_160024.jpg20180831_164113.jpg20180831_160227.jpgScreenshot_20180831-170513_Instagram.jpg


2 Comments Add yours

  1. carol says:

    Classic “comfort food” 🙂
    Looks absolutely delicious – never thought to give a crumble a base


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