Vegan rice pudding recipe!

Rice pudding is one of those snacks/meals which i love, but never eat or make often enough. If i am honest, i am surprised that there isn’t a premade vegan version of rice pudding available in the stores. Considering that there seems to be a vegan version of almost all foods available in Sweden. But who knows… maybe one day there will be.

Making rice pudding isn’t so difficult, though it can easily turn out sort of dry… but if you add vegan soya cream (or other sweet cream, or coconut milk) it makes it more creamy. So i do highly recommend adding some type of plant based cream, or full fat coconut milk when making rice pudding! The other thing about making rice pudding is that you need to stir every 5-10 minutes so that it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pot… so it is not one of those meals which you can just leave to cook while you do other things. But the good thing about it is that you can make a huge batch and save in the fridge for the week!



I posted this recipe in my instagram post, but i thought i would share it on my blog as well – for those of you who don’t follow my IG. But also so others can find it easier 🙂

I had several people ask me about eating white rice, and eating it daily… whether it is “healthy” or not. And my reply to that is of course… everything in moderation. Brown rice does have more fiber and nutrients, but as long as white rice isn’t the majority of your diet then it is fine! But you could vary white rice with brown rice and quinoa. And for rice pudding you can vary with oats, chia pudding, overnight oats, cereal etc

The one thing about white rice is that it may contain arsenic, so it isn’t recommended to eat everyday because of that. And also to avoid giving rice products (such as rice milk, rice cakes, rice etc) to kids because their bodies are smaller and therefore can’t handle as much arsenic which they may get from eating too much rice products. So that is one thing to keep in mind and maybe not to overdo it on rice products!

Rice pudding recipe

rice pudding



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  1. Ahimsa_tim says:

    Dammmmnnn that looks good!! (: I spotted you carton of Oatly as well – i’m having my muesli with oatly right now! 😛 It’s so good in coffee too. mmm. Definitely guna make this rice pudding though x


    1. Oatly Ikaffe is the best plantbased milk!!


  2. Matilda says:

    Åh jag älskar också risgrynsgröt!!! Skulle också vilja ha en färdig vegansk version att köpa i mataffären de dagar man har stort behov av det men inte orkar göra 🙈 skulle också behöva vegansk ostkaka och pannkakor att köpa färdig…😂 tack för recept! Ska absolut testa blanda ner lite sojagrädde, brukar bara köra på havre/mandelmjölk 🙂


    1. Jaa, hoppas verkligen det kommer en vegansk risgrynsgröt snart!! 🙂


  3. carol says:

    I always make rice pudding in the oven – only needs an occasional stir and you get a lovely brown skin on the top which is delicious when cold 🙂 And you can just put the dish in the bottom of the oven if you`ve got other things to cook at the same time.


    1. Ohhh yess, i am going to have to try making it in the oven next time!! That is a great idea, thank you!!


  4. Brooke says:

    Hi, could I substitute something for the soya cream? I live in a small, isolated town in Centralized America and I can’t find that here :/


    1. You can use just plantbased milk – or coconut milk 🙂 The soya cream is just to make it more creamy, otherwise it can turn out a little dry. So i would recommend using more plant based milk than in the recipe 🙂


  5. minalives says:

    Here in Finland we do have a premade vegan version of rice pudding available in the stores! It is good but definitely not as delicious as the home maid one!


    1. Ohhh i am so jealous, i hope it will be available in Sweden soon then, haha!


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