Beetroot, black bean and quinoa burger | Vegan (can be made glutenfree)

Making burgers is definitely not my fortee. Infact there have been many failed burger attempts which i have not shared…. they just never seem to workout for me. Either they are too loose or they have a gummy taste from the flour (i have realised i don’t like using flour in my burgers, i prefer oat flour or just using beans as the base).

However this attempt turned out so good – surprisingly good. When i was making them all i could think was, “another failed burger attempt…” However these i can actually recommend others making. And with the added quinoa and black beans they are also a good source of protein!!

I would recommend you all to remember to not wear white when making food with beetroot – in the past i have had a few white tops ruined from beetroot, which is never ideal or wanted!

These burgers can be enjoyed with some salad and dressing between burger buns, or why not eat with some roasted veggies, avocado and dressing!

Note… i am sure you can use rice instead of quinoa and other beans instead of black beans. But i can’t guarantee the results.

Blackbean, beet root burgers


^^Note.. i couldn’t eat the burger like that, hahah. Had to dissemble it to eat it!


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  1. carol says:

    making burgers has been a trial and error (more frequently “error” in my case) too – some how they just didn’t turn out right which is rather disheartening after you go to all the trouble of making them ūüė¶
    But these look pretty straightforward – can`t wait to give them a go over the weekend, so thanks for sharing your recipe!


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