8 new vegan products | Friday Finds! | Quorn, yoghurt, burgers etc

Friday and i had planned to post this blog last week but instead this post ended up sitting in my draft section for the past week! That is unfortunately what happens with the majority of my posts… i begin writing them, or think about an idea but it takes me a while to get round to actually posting them/finishing them!

Sometimes i get hit with an idea/inspiration/thought i want to share and either i write the post and share it directly or it takes me two weeks to finish the post and finally get round to sharing it. There seems to be no inbetween with me, haha.

This week i wanted to share 8 “new” vegan products on the market (or soon to be available). As i live in Sweden i usually post the products i have been made aware will be available in Sweden, but i also sometimes stumble across new foods available in ex. England. So for some people i am sure these posts may be useless as the food isn’t even available in their country, but sometimes i like seeing that new vegan foods are available (even if i can’t get them in Sweden), just because it shows the demand for vegan products is growing!

And of course… most of the foods are processed considering that there aren’t so many new local fruits and vegetables available that i have never seen or heard about before!


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As i mentioned in my previous “New vegan products” post, Quorn aren’t just releasing sandwich toppings they are also releasing new frozen items! Sausages, burgers and vegan “fish fingers”. Typically Quorn isn’t vegan as it contains egg whites, but their new vegan range has the vegan marking! So if there is no vegan symbol on it, then it’s most likely not vegan (read the ingredients incase!)

A new alpro soya yoghurt in the flavour apple kiwi which i really hope will be made available in Sweden! Alpro yoghurts are my FAVOURITE. And i eat several of their “on the go quark” yoghurts a week, but i also love their natural and mango flavour yoghurt!

The chocolate bar VEGO (which makes one of the best vegan chocolates) has made a chocolate spread, and even if i don’t miss or crave nutella or chocolate spread i still want to try it if i find it.

The vegan magnum isn’t a “new” product as i posted it in my previous post. However, i have now tried it and my opinion….Not my favourite ice cream. Sure i would eat it again, but i wouldn’t go out of my way to buy it and would personally spend the money on something else… like vegan chocolate or buy another vegan ice cream. But i think it is great that it is available and i have heard many who like it. I just personally found that the ice cream had this weird taste and texture which wasn’t to my liking. But good thing that people can have different likes and preferences, hahaha. 


“New” vegan milkshakes from the fastfood restaurant MAX. And i write new in quotation marks because the milkshakes have been available in Sweden for some time, but they were only available in one (or two) of the fast food restaurants. But now they should be available in more of the MAX restaurants. Once again, i don’t feel the need or desire to drink milkshakes so for me it doesn’t really matter. HOWEVER i am a sucker for trying new vegan foods and i feel like i HAVE TO try them if i am ever at a MAX restuarant [which isn’t often]. But i know that many vegans have wanted and missed a milkshake so i think it is awesome that it is available for those who like milkshakes.

A burger, similar to the beyond meat burger which “bleeds” will be available in frozen package. From what i have seen, it will be PRICY. But i am excited to try and see how it tastes. Like mentioned above, i feel the need to try new vegan products just because….

The brand Hälsans kök which already makes delicious vegan products is releasing a new product – pulled beans. (Not sure if it is based on beans or soya with beans added, hahah). But looking forward to trying nonetheless!

And vegan mayonnaise from Hellmans. I can’t actually remember the last time i ate mayonnaise vegan or none vegan because i truly dislike mayonnaise. So this is infact a new vegan product i am not planning on buying or testing, hahaha. But it shows that if a company like Hellmans can make a vegan option, then the vegan demand is truly showing and putting pressure on companies to change and offer vegan options!


I’m excited to try the new products and to see what new releases there will be in the future!!!

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  1. carol says:

    I love reading about the “new” vegan products available too!
    Not sure if this will apply to those in other countries but here in the UK, Iceland, (frozen food store) has started stocking vegan ready meals. What they are like I don`t know as I haven’t been to the shop to see just what they were selling but plan to check them out soon!
    Also Asda and Marks and Spencer now sell vegan sandwiches and Sainsbury have introduced a new vegan line in cosmetics and hair care.
    I think its great that the “bigger” companies and stores are stocking more vegan products – just shows there is obviously a growing demand for them 🙂


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