Stuffed paprika with quinoa, tofu and beans | Vegan recipe | GF

Stuffed paprikas (or peppers as some people call them) is one of those dishes i love but don’t make so often. Infact i say this about most of the food i eat…. there is just so much good food and not enough time to make and eat it all!!!

Sometimes i don’t know what to cook or eat or i just get this “blaaahhhh” feeling for all foods. And other times there are so many dishes i want to make and feel like there isn’t enough time to make them all, haha. The thing about loving to cook – and having a food blog is that i try to vary food as much as i can, but also means i have so much food at home all the time, hahaha. Good thing that freezers exist so i can freeze the excess food. However i don’t have a problem eating the same thing for 3 days in a row so whenever i make big dishes i usually just eat the same thing until it’s gone!

Here is a simple – yet delicious lunch/dinner idea. You can even make stuffed tomatoes or aubergine in the same way – for the sake of variation! Also you can use brown rice instead of quinoa, and add whatever veggies you like/have at home. Even adding some vegan cheese ontop, or in the mix works great!

Also you can roast some veggies at the same time as you roast the peppers, so your meal will be done at the same time!! – and the excess filling you can just eat as it is, or maybe add some salad or veggies and make a quinoa salad out of it!

Stuffed paprika recipe

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  1. Aliisa says:

    These look delicious! Are they good the next day? Or should you eat it all at once 😄


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