Cauliflower, chickpea and tofu curry | Vegan and glutenfree recipe

If i am honest i can’t remember the last time i ate curry! You may notice that i am not a huge fan of different cuisines or indian food…. but now in the cold weather you can’t go wrong with a warming curry.

I do admit, i am not a huge fan of the curry taste. So this may not be a favourite of mine, however i do love the tofu-chickpea-cauliflower-coconut combo… but i will have to find another seasoning to use next time! But this was still edible and super delicious, even if it may not make my top 5 favourite dishes.

Hahah, i don’t feel like i am selling this dish or recipe so well… but i got ot be honest, and i am sure there are others who will ove this recipe. I am just far too basic and love my simple meals and just using spices such as garlic and onion.

I will never be a culinary chef anyway, haha. I am rather mild when i use seasoning, so if you prefer more spices and taste i do suggest you add more seasoning than stated in the majority of my recipes!

Onto the recipe then?

Well first off i have to mention… don’t wear white when wearing this, and not that curry seasoning/powder does stain – so be quick to clean up if you get curry seasoning on the floor/kitchen/clothes!

If you make this recipe – or any other recipe i would love to see your pictures, so don’t forget to tag me on instagram or send me your pictures 🙂

**Note, the lighting was not on my side when photoing this meal…. that will be the battle for the next few months, trying to get good lighting for my food pictures when it just keeps getting darker at an earlier time!

Cualiflower chickpea curry

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  1. Lily says:

    Maybe the lighting was bad, but the pictures still turned out great😉


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