Vegan “meat” stew| Recipe | Gluten free

At the moment i am going through some old autumn/winter recipes and updating them. Both recipe wise and making a recipe card for them – hopefully easier to follow the recipe!

This stew is an absolute favourite of mine! And even if i am not a huge fan of mashed potatoes, i feel like it is a necessity for this recipe, haha. Though i am sure boiled potatoes or rice works great with this stew as well… or just eating with some freshly baked bread.

Whenever i make this dish it really doesn’t last long because i love it so much – i can eat several portions at once! And i was never a huge fan of meat stew when i was younger – not that i can remember anyway. But this tastes amazing! If you don’t like using fake meat, i am sure you can substitute for jackfruit or try using seitan ex using chickwheat. Or you could just skip the fake meat… but then it will just be a vegetable stew, which isn’t really the same thing, haha!

Also note, you can use as much or as little vegetbales as you like, and change which vegetables are used according to what you have at home or want to add. I just used the vegetables i had at home when i made this 🙂


Vega meat stew



Pictures from when my family (and I) made a similar stew: Vegan “meat stew” recipe



And another time i made this stew!


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  1. carol says:

    This looks so yummy! You should try dumplings with your stew – they are delicious 🙂

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