Vegan vegetable-cheese casserole |Recipe

This weekend i was asked to make a 3 course meal for my family, and of course i couldn’t say no, especially when my parents paid for the food, hahah!


It was my mum who came up with the idea of a vegetable pie. She had seen a recipe in a food magazine, but she asked me if i could make it vegan – so i made it my mission to try to make a vegan version.

There are many ways to make the cheesey/egg filling that pies have, but i decided to opt for a tofu-oat cream-cheese type filling!


I was a little nervous over how it would turn out, but it actually turned out very good according to me. Super creamy and filling – the only thing i would recommend is to use silken tofu (i.e the super creamy type) and not use a firm tofu which i did.

Also the pie filling does spill out when you cut into the cake, so it won’t keep it’s form. But you could choose to skip the tofu and then the filling might hold it’s form more.

You can also make this dish gluten free by following a recipe for gluten free pie crust and using soya based cream and milk! 🙂


For starters i made toast with skagenröra (which is a swedish seafood suace, which i made vegan by using tofu and vegan caviar), recipe HERE. And also beetroot hummus, recipe HERE.


And the cake i made for dessert, recipe HERE.


It was a whole mix of tastes which maybe weren’t the best combined, haha. But seperatly they were all delicious!




vegetable casserolScreenshot_20180924-185649_Instagram.jpgScreenshot_20180924-185048_Instagram.jpgScreenshot_20180924-185020_Instagram.jpgScreenshot_20180924-185203_Instagram.jpgScreenshot_20180924-185438_Instagram.jpgScreenshot_20180924-185550_Instagram.jpgScreenshot_20180924-185517_Instagram.jpg


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