Quinoa, sweet potato and black bean casserole | Vegan |”Left overs meal”

When you come home after being away for a few days and you haven’t gone grocery shopping – then it is the best time to think, “What can i do with the food i have at home?”

A little bit of red and green lentils left, a little quinoa left. I had a can of sweet corn and a package of black beans along with some veggies.

I began thinking… i could most likely try to make some type of lentil soup, or maybe some quinoa/black bean burgers, or just go with the typical roast veggies and eat with sauce and tofu.

But i wanted to try something slightly different and new, even if it was just the same foods i usually eat. And then i thought… why not make some type of quinoa-vegetable bake?

I am sure i could have used some oatcream and vegan cheese if i had that at home (but i used the oat cream i had to make the vegan stew, recipe HERE).

This dish turned out really good even if it was improvised – however i wouldn’t recommend making so much as i did because after a few days of eating it, it does get a little boring. Also it did dry out after c.a 48 hours – but that may just be that i didn’t store it in airtight boxes.

As this was improvised, i don’t have any exact measurements but i have written out the ingredients and instructions so you can try to make a similar dish if you are interested! And why not give it a try by using crushed tomatoes instead of vegetable broth, or maybe making a cream/cheese filling/sauce like in my vegetable casserole!

I give myself 10/10 for creativity, but now i am ready to eat other types of foods hahah!


Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Blue and Pink Chocolate Cake General Recipe Card (1)



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  1. carol says:

    This must have been so filling! Definitely 10/10 for creativity 🙂


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