Roasted carrot hummus | Recipe

I hadn’t actually planned to post this recipe – because i don’t consider it much of a recipe – but as i have had so many people ask and message me about the recipe i thought it would be easier to just make a post about it rather than answer everyone seperatly!!

As i hadn’t planned to make a post about this i don’t have any fancy pictures to go along with the recipe, but i hope that is ok!

I am not a hummus expert in any way… and i am pretty sure people who are experts at making hummus would laugh at me, but i wanted to share a few things i have learned when making hummus:

1) You need a good food processor and mixer (also, removing the chickpea “skins” can make it more creamy. But not so many people actually have time for that.)

2) Use oil. I know many fear and avoid oil…. but hummus without oil just isn’t the same thing. You can of course use c.a 50/50 oil and aquafaba, that still gives a good result. But i have made hummus in the past using water and it just doesn’t taste as good.

3) Tahini – a runny kind – is key. It makes such a difference to taste and texture!

4) GARLIC! Can hummus without garlic even be called hummus, hahah?

5) Experiment with different flavours and extras… you can read a post with different hummus recipes, HERE

Some other hummus recipe i have made: Sweet potato hummus | Vegan recipeRoasted red pepper hummus | RecipeBeetroot hummus


Carrot hummus recipe2.png


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