The week that’s been: Life, YouTube, investments?

This week has just flown by…. I feel like i say this for most weeks, but i guess i just haven’t felt so “present” in life this week. Just sort of waking up, doing a whole bunch of things, thinking about the future/stuck in my mind, going to bed and then repeat.

The weeks i don’t remember what i have done are usually a sign that i haven’t really been present in life. Haven’t taken a moment to think about each day and what i have done and be grateful for life. Usually before bed i think about what i have done each day – think about something that stuck out or made me happy, and also take soem time to be grateful for things in my life. I have not done that this week… so the week has just turned into a blur.

I have studied with friends – trying to wrap our heads around what we are actually learning. (And we were going to go to a free seminar about how exercise affects the brain, but it was full before we got there.)

I have studied on my own and tried to finish my essay. (There was a powercut in half the city so ended up sitting in the dark for 10 minutes, waiting for the electricity to come back).

I have gone to a lecture – feeling incredibly tired and sick. (Spent Thursday doing very little as i didn’t feel so well.)


I have gone to 4 different stores to get a bunch of new food items which are available here in Sweden.

I have filmed and edited two YouTube videos (Link HERE to my first video, and link to my channel HERE).

I have made and eaten some delicious food!

I have gone for walks and also bought new glass food containers. I am a little conflicted at the moment… because part of me wants to invest in lots of interior design and for the house. Such as finally buying paintings, plants, decorations as well as investing in kitchen items like an airfryer, maybe a better kitchen mixer and more plates and bowls. But the other part of me wants to invest in things like a tripod, external microphone and external memory card. And another part of my brain is saying.. just save up [again] so that you can finally begin working on your half sleeve (the money i had saved up i decided to buy a better camera instead. I thought it was a better investment…. also considering that i am not fully sure which arm i want to have my half sleeve on, so it is better to wait i guess.) And the last rational part of my brain is telling me that i should invest in winter clothes and winter shoes…. So conflicted on what i should do. Of course if i know me well…. i am just going to resort to not buying any of these things because i can’t actually rationalize buying them, when i can infact live without them, hahah.


My plans for this Sunday are to: Do the laundry (which i am doing right now), clean my apartment, try to finish my essay and begin reading the assigned chapters for my other course, finally try to get to the gym and if i have time and energy after that i will go food shopping and meal prep. Otherwise i will do my meal prep on Monday, depending on how i feel this evening! I may be a foodie and love cooking (and eating), but i don’t always love cooking, sometimes i just eat a bunch of frozen veggies and beans and plain tofu because i just don’t feel like cooking – and that is just human!

How has your week been? How are you spending your Sunday?

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  1. carol says:

    You should definitely buy an air fryer – they are amazing 🙂 Potatoes and chips/fries turn out lovely – and you can cook other things in them as well. I definitely wouldn’t be without mine now!
    We`ve spent the weekend decorating – painting the bathroom and shopping for new bathroom fittings. I love giving rooms a “face lift”. Its nice to stamp your identity and get things you like to furnish your home, especially when its your first. I really enjoy putting pictures up of things I like and working out colour schemes/furnishing etc – it makes such a difference to your mood being surrounded by things that you like!
    Hope you have a good week ahead and are feeling better now 🙂


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