Butternut squash and carrot soup | Vegan & glutenfree

I feel like i say i don’t like a certain food, only to realise that i do infact like it, haha. My tastebuds really do change, but i guess it is about how i prepare it as well.

I said i didn’t like brussel sprouts, turns out that i do. However i have been a little put off them (as i ate SO MANY brussel sprouts last autumn/winter), so even if i have seen them on “sale” at store, i haven’t been tempted to buy them. [The same thing happened with oats… i ate so much of it, that it took me several months to finally buy and enjoy oatmeal again].

In the past i said i didn’t like eggplant… well turns out that i do, if i roast it or stuff the eggplant and roast it.

And so many times in the past i have tried butternut squash but i just haven’t been a fan of it…. that was until i made THIS casserol which contained oven roasted butternut squash and i realised.. it was actually good. So i decided to give this vegetable another chance, maybe my tastebuds have changed. And all i can say, is that i am glad i gave it another chance because this soup was delicious!


Butternut squash and carrot soup with a coconutmilk base! And i think i am going to roast the other half of the butternut squash in the oven 🙂

One thing i don’t like about this vegetable… is trying to peel it/get rid of the skin. It feels like a very dangerous task trying to chop away the peel, and that makes me a little apprehensive to buy it too often, haha. I just need to find a good and safe way to peel this squash!

butternut squash soup recipe20180925_132931.jpg




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  1. M. says:

    Hi Izzy,
    I haven’t peeled a butternut squash in a long time because I eventually learnt that if you are roasting or frying it, you can leave the skin on and it is not a problem. I agree that peeling it with a knife is dangerous. If you are making soup though then you can cut it in pieces and cut the skin off the pieces, and that is safer. I *think* using a peeler works too, up to a point.
    I am glad you enjoyed it in the end! I hope you like the other half too…


  2. carol says:

    I`ve only ever made chips/fries out of butternut squash so this soup has definitely tempted me 🙂
    Does the coconut milk make it a rather sweet soup?


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