Vegan cinnamon buns recipe!

Cinnamonbun day in Sweden i.e kanelbullensdag, and of course i had to bake and eat some cinnamon buns today!! If you didn’t know – freshly baked buns and freshly baked bread is a weakness of mine. I don’t understand people who only eat one slice of bread or one bun… i eat like 3 or 4 at once, hahah.

If you are wondering, i may or may not have eaten several cinnamonbuns since i baked them on Tuesday!

My cinnamon baking skills aren’t on top, but they are delicious nonetheless – and it is the taste that counts. And if i am honest, i have made worse buns in my days… so these don’t look so bad!!

These do take a while to make, but they are so worth it and you get anything from 20-48 buns depending how small you want to make them! So the two hours it takes to make these, it is worth it 🙂 And you can freeze them in and have them ready for whenever you want to eat buns or invite others over for coffee! 🙂

If you don’t want to bake cinnamon buns… then i can remind you that there are frozen premade cinnamonbuns that are vegan, as well as fresh mini cinnamonbuns (skogaholms gifflar!)


cinnamonbun recipeScreenshot_20181002-171513_Instagram.jpg20181002_144652.jpgScreenshot_20181002-171232_Instagram.jpg




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