The week that’s been: School,life, mental health


I apologize for the late post – as well as for neglecting my blog recently. There just hasn’t been the time for it recently. Despite barely sleeping i feel like there just isnät enough time each day…. maybe signs that i am overworking? I definitely feel the stress and anxiety creeping into my life at the moment. Most likely the reason why i have caught a cold 🙂

How has my week been…? Well it has just flown by, i can barely believe it is Sunday evening. This weekend has consisted of trying to transfer my pictures on my computer to an external harddrive… i am not even half way through and it has taken me c.a 48 hours. And this Sunday has consisted of mealprepping – and filming while i cooked – then out for a short walk before returning home and editing for the past 4 hours. And now i realized i should try to blog anyway! Afterall, my blog is my first social media account!



This week has consisted of studying and late lectures. One lecture was a practical lecture where one girl from our class did a vo2 max cycling test, which we then analyzed and talked about. I have actually done that type of test almost every year for my CF health, though it hasn’t been focus on my vo2 max, but on my lung function and health. But they kind of go together, i.e when the lungs worsen, the vo2 max also decreases. And when i did the test during summer it was my lung function that hindered me, rather than my legs and physical strength – which is very disheartening. But moving on….



I also had a hospital appointment which always gives me anxiety and leaves me feeling drained and tired. It didn’t help that it was pouring down with rain… so it was the perfect day to study – send in my essay – and bake cinnamon buns. (Recipe HERE) At the same time i also made the best chocolate cookeis! (Recipe HERE).





I also recieved a package from a competition i won – always exciting to get free stuff, especially food, haha!



I went out for drinks on Friday night, feeling cosy in my new autumn jumper! I don’t typically buy stuff for myself but when i saw this jumper i just knew i had to have it… and i don’t regret buying it all, because i have pretty much lived in it for the past 72 hours!



Saturday morning i got this burst of energy and decided to deep clean my whole apartment, which took about 2,5 hours. Scrubbing down everything, going through random piles of papers and throwing away things i had forgotten about in the back ofmy drawers and cupboards! I don’t know why i seem to keep boxes and cartons, knowing that i won’t use them, haha. It felt so good to just clean – everything seemed a little extra shiny and bright!

As usual, my life and this week has just flown by. Sleeping issues deluxe and i feel my anxiety getting worse and my energy and mood decreasing. This happens every autumn, no matter how positive i try to be… it’s like it’s harder to get out of bed, harder to motivate myself to leave the house or do anything. But from experience i am just trying to be kind to myself…. i can’t do everything, and the days i do minimal i shouldn’t feel bad for it.

I know my blogging is a little off right now… my basically the whole of me is a little “off” right now. Just in thie period and phase where i am trying to refind my energy and motivation, too many thoughts and too little sleep is not a good combination.



But i am not going to complain about that…. instead i want to leave this post on a positive note! This week has been a good week, and next week is going to be a super hectic week but atleast i have my meals prepped so that saves some time!

I hope you have all had a great week – and if you have any post suggestions, leave them down below! 🙂



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  1. carol says:

    I really like the colour of your new jumper 🙂
    Have you ever thought of getting one of those special light therapy lamps that creates “daylight” lighting? I have heard they are very successful in alleviating the symptoms of SAD and boosts your mood – or even just getting some daylight bulbs for existing lights? I have daylight bulbs fitted in all my lights as I find the light they give to far more natural than other bulbs which tend to be either a bit yellow or too stark. It may be worth a try if you feel your mood is lowering because of the time of year? Just a thought 🙂


    1. Thank you! I have talked about this with my family and it is supposed to be good, but nothing i have planned to invest in… but maybe i should. It’s a yearly thing to lose motivation/feel tired/sad/very low during autumn and winter and it is definitely a struggle, so it may be worth to invest in one of those lamps if it could potentially help me.


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