You have to learn to love yourself, no matter how your body looks

Learning self love and body love takes time.. .it definitely doesn’t happen over night. It can sometimes feel like a continuous journey, reminding yourself to love yourself, to embrace your so called “flaws” and work on getting better/improving certain traits.

These past 2 days i have been reminded that self love doesn’t lie in appearance or how your body looks.

But also that your body will change throughout the years… you don’t always look the same. Not to mention that you have to learn to love yourself – not just your body – because what happens when you are 60,70, 80 and your body doesn’t look the same as it does when you were younger.

Many think that happiness lies in a body shape or a certain weight – but trust me… it really doesn’t. And if your happiness does lie in your body shape/a flat stomach/a certain weight then that happiness won’t be long lasting, because your body will always continue to change.

You need to find happiness within yourself, and with things that will last. If you place your happiness or your worth in the way you look or your weight, or the amount of calories you eat, it will be very hard to constantly feel happy.

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One of my tips when it comes to self love and body love, is to begin to appreciate and be thankful for what your body can do. That it allows you live life, and functions. This is a great step to learning to love yourself and not focus as much on appearance, but i also believe that deep down you have to learn to accept yourself – and the way you look/are – no matter your appearance or bodily functions. Because what happens if you get injured or can’t move, or when your appearance changes…. ? You need to be able to accept yourself no  matter what.

And i understand that it is easier said than done – but i think it is something more people should think about. To not just love themselves because of their appearance, or just because they can workout, but to be able to say that you like yourself no matter what. Or that you atleast feel comfortable and ok with who you are.

We live in a world that puts a huge focus on appearance and image, but there are so many things far more important than appearance. And health – overall health – being one of them! I.e make sure that you actually are healthy – mentally, physically, socially – and not just that you “Look” healthy, but also feel and are healthy. Not to mention that being able to live life, feel happy, reach your goals and dreams is so much more important than how many calories you ate or what the scale says.

Focus on inner happiness and health and accepting yourself no matter what. And if there are things you want to change about yourself – appearance or personality wise – just make sure you are changing them for the right reasons.

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  1. caroljoanne1969 says:

    Just wanted to say – on appositive note – that it gets easier to love yourself and your body for who you are/what it is as you get older. You grow by life experiences and gain confidence and knowledge – which all help 🙂


    1. Thank you so much, and i totally agree. I know myself that it has definitely gotten easier to love myself and my body as i get older, but also less attention and focus on my body and my appearance and my focus on health and happiness. 🙂


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