Vegan staple foods to have at home!

As requested i was asked about some of my vegan stapl foods to have at home – so i decided to film a video and show you some of the vegan staples i always have at home!

To watch the video, you can go to my YouTube channel HERE: Izzy M

My goal is to post videos on Wednesday and Sundays, so don’t forget to subscribe and let me know some video ideas, hahah.

So what are some of the vegan staple foods i recommend people to have at home?

Dried foods: Lentils, Rice/pasta/Quinoa/couscous, oats, flour, dried beans

Fresh foods: Potatoes, different veggies (root vegetables last longer and more nutritient dense as well as cheaper than vegetables such as cucumber and lettuce), fruit, tofu

Canned/tinned: Crushed tomatoes, coconut milk, beans

Frozen: Frozen vegetables, frozen berries

Extras: Nuts and/or seeds, oil, vegetable stock


Foods such as fake meat, vegan yoghurt, vegan cheese, vegan milk aren’t foods you have to have at home. Instead, you can eat nutritious, balanced and healthy with just unprocessed whole foods. But of course, if you enjoy and can afford those foods, they can be a part of a healthy lifestyle. I personally like the fake meats and alternative vegan options, so they are  a part of my weekly/daily diet and food budget, but they don’t have to be part of your diet.

If you have the time you can always make your own oat milk or almond milk, make your own peanut butter and home made granola, so you can save money  – instead of buying pre made. Also if you have flour and/or oats you can make your own bread/pancakes/crepes easily, as well as working as a good binding agent when making bean burgers.

Also if you can afford it, it can be good to invest in buying things such as cornflour, seasoning, chickpea flour, bread crumbs, soya sauce, liquid smoke, red curry paste etc foods which you may not use alot of (or so often) and therefore last a long time!

With some dried beans (which you soak and boil yourself), potatoes and frozen veggies you can go a long way. Not to mention rice & beans = a complete protein source. And if you buy and soak your own chickpeas you can make a whole bunch of different foods (hummus, falafel,  roasted chickpeas, chickpea cookie dough etc)


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  1. Lily says:

    You can also put dry chickpeas in a strong food processor, and make your own chickpea flour!


    1. That is such a good idea! I usually just buy premade chickpea flour, and have never thought about the fact that i can make my own! 🙂 Thank you!


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