Why am i not writing about nutrition? And how do you know if you are interested in nutrition or if it is the eating disorder?

I got two questions recently which i thought i would answer in a post – in case others are interested in the answers!

The first question was, why am i not writing any nutrition posts recently?

And the answer to that is…. well i amn’t writing much on here recently, haha. At the moment my focus is on learning about exercise and training and there isn’t much space in my mind for other things – or any inspiration left to posts after a long day of studying.

I haven’t really written so many substantial posts recently – and the ones i have are because i have been hit with a motivation and inspiration to write about a certain topic. Recently i haven’t been so focused on nutrition and haven’t felt any inspiration to write about it…. also i have felt like, there are already so many articles about different nutrition topics, so i don’t know what i could add.

But if you have any nutrition related posts or topics you would like me to write about, i can definitely do that! I love writing, talking and learning more about nutrition, but it does take time to sit and research when it is new areas and such. But i do love it.

So if you have any ideas – just let me know and i will try my best to write some nutrition related posts in the future. Next month my course in exercise nutrition begins, so then i might get some inspiration from that course and share some stuff i learn 🙂

Otherwise, you can always check out some of the nutrition posts i have already written, HERE


And a question i get asked – rather frequently – is how do you know if you are actually interested in nutrition or if it is your eating disorder?

This is kind of hard to answer, and it is so individual, but often when you struggle with an eating disorder you begin to focus ALOT and even obsess over food. This in turn can make you think that you are interested in working with food or learning about nutrition, when infact it is just your mind/eating disorder that is so obsessed with food.

There are many people who have struggled with an eating disorder that end up studying and working with nutrition and/or exercise. This of course doesn’t mean it is a bad thing, it can be that you truly find your passion and something you love. You can find a love for health and well being – wanting to help others be healthy. Or it could just be a way for your eating disorder to keep control over you, to have a reason to be at the gym all the time (if you go into the exercise/fitness field), or a way for you to count calories and completely focus on food.

I have written a post about studying nutrition after/while struggling with an eating disorder, HERE.

Also a post about: does your life only revolve around food? too much focus on food.

When you study nutrition, there is ALOT of focus on food and nutrition – of course. But it can become all consuming, and it is important to also get a distance from it, time to time. I know personally i have distance myself from food and nutrition sometimes just because there can be so much focus on it – both in my university program, reading articles and in my social media. So even if i love it, sometimes you need a break from the food focus.


It is also important to be aware that when you study nutrition you will count calories, learn about how food is digested and absorbed, learn about weight gain/weightloss, have to write food diaries/track food, maybe even try different diets… so if any of that is triggering to you, then i would wait until you are in a healthier mind set.

Whether you want to study nutrition because you truly love it or because it is due to your eating disorder is something only you know, and something you have to be honest to yourself about. Sooner or later it will show if you aren’t truly passionate about working with health and/or nutrition.

I would suggest that you also try to find other hobbies you can do outside of studying nutrition, maybe you will find that you are actually more passionate and interested in something else. If your whole life revolves around food, then you won’t know anything else and you won’t be able to develop an interest for anything else.

So the only real answer i can give you is… be honest to yourself – and also focus on other things you like doing. If you truly love nutrition and health then that is what you will end up doing and wanting to learn more about!


I can say from personal experience, i have never regretted studying nutrition. I may have doubted the program i am studying from time to time (when other peoples uncertainty got to me), as well as doubted my future job opportunities (i.e if i will actually be successful or be able to have a career within health and nutrition), but i have never felt like i was studying the wrong thing. And if you begin to have doubts, then that is a sign that maybe it isn’t the right program or focus for you.

Post: Working with nutrition – knowing what i want to do with my life.

What i have learnt at univeristy & my university program

My focus is on health and well being, and wanting to help others find balance and health (physically and mentally) and not so much focus on calories, macros or writing meal plans. More about overall well being and health! Of course, there is nothing wrong with enjoying writing meal plans or researching or love counting calories and macros – there are people who love that and work with that focus. Just make sure that it is something you truly love, and not just an obsession due to your eating disorder.

Post: Changing paths in life

I have two posts (and a video) from my previous blog which also talk about this topic:

Studying nutrition while struggling with an eating disorder (vlogg)
Studying nutrition due to an eating disorder 

Learning about nutrition helped me find balance with food


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Astrid says:

    Love this post! Thank you so much! I too suffered from anorexia for 4 years and just recovered recently so I feel that I can relate with it so well. I am doing an accountancy degree, a course I did not put much thought into it when I wad choosing university because I was so sick back then. And now I’m actually thinking whether I have made the right choice because I am very interested in nutrition. But then again it may be my eating disorder? I’m not so sure. What do you think?


    1. I am glad you liked the post, thank you 🙂
      Wanting to learn more about nutrition doesn’t have to be because of your eating disorder/a sick thing. Infact many who have struggled with an eating disorder begin to study nutrition and/or health programs because they awnt to be able to help other with nutrition and health (or just to get a better understanding of it). I would say maybe do some extra reading about nutrition, maybe go to some lectures/workshops and see if it is something you want to learn more about. Maybe it is just a side hobby/interest but not somethign you want to spend your whole life working with… or maybe it is. But do some of your own research and extra learning and you will figure out if it is something you are passionate about or not. People change interests and passion over time, that is ok. Many end up changing university program or career as they find new things they are more interested in 🙂


  2. In my recovery from anorexia, learning about nutrition has actually helped me so much rather than being triggering. Because the ed would always tell me irrational things and lies and I used to believe them blindly. So knowing the true facts, understanding my body and learning the science behind what my doctors told me to do, is very empowering. I’m going to start studying a nutrition program in March (Mac Nutrition Uni, I don’t know if you’ve heard about it) and I’m really excited!


  3. carol says:

    Learning about nutrition and what my body really needs rather than what I thought it needed has also helped me in my recovery. Now I think about the real facts rather than rely on what I now know to have been disordered thoughts associated with my ED. I don`t intend to study nutrition but a little extra knowledge/awareness goes a long way 🙂


    1. Learning about nutrition helped me as well – to understand that my body and my brain needed food and fuel, especially if i wanted to have energy to study, live life and exercise. So i think it can be helpful, especially to get some basic understanding of nutrition and how the body works, and the importance of all the macronutrients. But for some people, they get far too consumed by food and nutrition while in their eating disorder and pursue a degree in nutrition when it isn’t something they are passionate about and realise it once they are healthy. But it can also be a way to hold onto your eating disorder. However it is very indidivudal, for some people it can be tirggering and for others it can be helpful and it is about being honest to yourself about which one it is 🙂 I am glad that it helped you to learn more about the basic nutrition/knowledge 🙂


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