Chocolate peanut butter granola |Vegan recipe | (can be made gluten free)

Granola is such a super simple food to make – and you can make so many different flavour combos and add whatever extras you want, such as nuts, seeds, dried fruit, coconut chips, banana chips, chocolate etc when you make your own granola.

Whenever i do make home made granola i always ask myself, why don’t i make this on a weekly basis?


And another positive thing is that you can choose to use stevia and no oil when making your granola – if that is what you prefer. In this recipe i do use syrup and oil, however there are other recipes out there that are sugar and oil free (if that is your preferance! It is of course a better option for your daily breakfast if you skip those 2 ingredients, but if you make the granola more like a sweet treat, then you can keep these 2 ingredients!).

I choose to make a peanut butter chocolate granola with some nuts/seeds/extras which i had at home, but you can of course flavour your granola however you want!



choc pb granolaScreenshot_20181017-184851_Instagram.jpg20181017_123047.jpg20181017_122729.jpg20181017_191903.jpg

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  1. Oh yum! Thank you for the recipe!


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