Creamy vegetable & tofu pasta salad| Recipe | Vegan

As part of this weeks meal prep I made a vegetable-tofu pasta dish, which is slowly becoming a favourite of mine.

Not only is it easy to make, it is also nutritious and filling.

I choose to use bean pasta, but you can use whatever pasta you like.

Pasta salads and pasta dishes are actually a great meal prep as they usually last a few days in the fridge without going bad, and they can often be reheated or eaten cold and still taste good.

You could choose to use a tomato base for this, but i prefer a garlic/creamy pasta sauce for this dish.

The seasonings in this dish can be varied according to taste and preferance ūüôā I like to keep my seasoning rather simple with just garlic and salt, but i am very plain that way, haha. You can always use chilli, taco seasoning, bbq sauce/spice and the list goes on!

Because of the bean pasta, tofu and spinach this dish is not only delicious but also a good source of iron and protein. And the paprika and tomatoes are a source of vitamin C which help with the absorption of iron. And you can add some pumpkin seeds – or other nuts – for more iron, and add avocado for a healthy source of fat and vitamin E!

vegan creamy pasta recipe.

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