The Best Vegan Brownies!!! | Recipe | Quick and Easy to Make!

Brownies are one of those foods which you definitely need a recipe to make… or atleast if you want them to turn out good.

I am the type of person who usually doesn’t like to measure or weigh anything when baking – and i have made several attempts at baking brownies and not measure anything. Each time they turn out either too dry or too gummy and a bit of a disaster.

So finally i decided to just measure the ingredients out and try to make an actual edible brownie…. and finally they turned out good!!

I know alot of brownie recipes require you to melt actual chocolate, but for this recipe you don’t have to. However, i am pretty sure you could add melted chocolate to the recipe and it would still turn out ok – but i have not tried it myself.

There are many variants of brownies out there… blackbean brownies, raw food brownies, sweet potato brownies, keto-brownies, high protein-low kcal brownies… and even one mug-microwave brownies (recipe HERE)

But there brownies are actually one of my favourites, simple and easy to make and the result is delicious!

I wanted to make a salted caramel and popcorn topping… but decided to just use what i had at home and resulted in whipped coconut cream and peanut butter. But these brownies are just as delicious without any topping!

brownie recipe

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  1. carol says:

    So many recipes I`ve seen for brownies are so long and involved so its good to see one that’s more straight fore ward and using ingredients most people already have at home 🙂 These look really good – going to try baking some this afternoon!


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