Veganska lussebullar recept | Vegan saffron buns recpe

It’s November, meaning almost Christmas time…. and well, not too early to begin with the Christmas baking right?


Chirstmas is one of the only “special occassions/high times” which i actually like…. despite their being many Christmases filled with anxiety, fear, compensation, guilt and a whole lot of crying. It is still a holiday i really like.

I do admit… sometimes Christmas can be a little too hyped up and people usually stress so much around Christmas that on the day they are just exhausted.

However there is something about Christmas which i just love…. and i have to admit, i am one of the few Swedes who actually likes the *vegan* typical christmas food. One thing i don’t like is that most people eat ALOT of meat, eggs and fish on Christmas and leading up to Christmas. If only everyone could eat completely vegan then that would make me so happy. So that is one of the downsides of the vegan food…. but instead i want to focus on making the best vegan Christmas food and inspiring others to skip the animal products and choose vegan options instead 🙂 I will link to some past christmas recipes, below!

Saffron buns, or so called Lussekatter, is a typical Christmas food. Typically… you don’t bake them until December, but i just couldn’t wait. And now i have saffron buns in my freezer for when i want them, or when i am going to have a christmas lunch with friends. And if they last… i will have them ready for Christmas… though i think i i will have eaten them by then, hahahha.

Other christmas baking ideas – gingerbread cookies, daim, toffee/butterscotch, rice pudding etc etc

But let’s get onto the recipe for the saffron buns…… These take a while to make due to all the yeast time, and then the whole process of rolling them and shaping them. So i recommend you give yourself 3-4 hours. Find a good podcast to listen to (while making/shaping the buns), and maybe watch a series during the yeast time 🙂

Also, you can half the recipe to make less, otherwise you can just freeze in all the extras!

I tried to make buns as well as the typical “lussebulle” shape, but it wasn’t as easy as it looked in the video. I.e, watch this video, here, to see how you make the saffron bun shape. (Skip to about 2.50 to see how he makes the bun shape). I still need to work on my baking skils – especially when it comes to buns (it  is definitely a science!), but my skills have improved a little since last year (how my saffron buns looked last year: HERE)


Lussebullar recept

Original recipe from HERE



I have a few Christmas related posts which you may want to read/find intreesting!

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And some Christmas food ideas:

Vegan Baileys recipe

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Some other saffron recipes:

Vegansk Saffrans och choklad kladdkaka – Vegan saffron and chocolate cake – Recipe

Vegan saffron cheesecake recipe

Vegan saffron buns recipe – Veganska lussebullar

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