Vegan tortilla pizza | 15 minute meal

When i was in the store the previous day i came across some pink tortilla breads – based off of beetroots. The colour caught my eye and the fact that they were made out of 45% vegetables intrigued me. After checking the ingredients i was happy to see that they were vegan. Though i did message the company to make sure that the E471 (mono and diglycerides av fatty acids) was vegan – as it can come from animal products. Though from my understanding, almost all bread that has e471 comes from plant based alternatives.

I don’t know so much about E numbers, i.e which are vegan and which aren’t. And most of the time you need to email the company to find out. Hence why i prefer buying items which have the vegan mark on them because then i don’t need to worry or think about if the E number is vegan or not!

Onto the actual recipe then?

I bought the tortilla breads and i thought… i could make tacos, tortillas or quesadillas… but that is a standard for me, and i wanted to make something different. And then the idea of tortilla pizza popped up into my head.

It would be quick and easy to make and that is exactly what i needed.

I have to say this was AMAZING. And i mean that 200%. Maybe it was just because i was super hungry, but the flavourcombo and the crunch of the tortilla base worked so well!

My meal prep is all eaten, and now it is about using the leftover veggies and foods i have at home before i get a food delivery this weekend. 

So i decided to roast some purple carrots, broccoli and chickpeas. C.a 25 minutes at 220 degrees celsius.

And i made a “cheese” sauce from potatoes, sweet potato and had two left over carrots which i added as well. The actual recipe is HERE

And in a frying pan i fried up 1 small red onion, half red paprika and half yellow paprika.

I heated the tortilla bread in the oven c.a 5 minutes

Then when everything was done i lowered the oven heat to about 190 degrees celsius.

I put some of the potato cheese sauce as well as the toppings and placed back into the oven and baked for about 10 minutes (didn’t time exactly). But until it was crunch but not burnt.

Took out of the oven, topped with some sweet corn, avocado, hummus and made a garlic tahini dressing.

And then done! Simple, delicious and filled with nutrients!

The lighting was NOT on my side today, hahah.It has been grey and dark all day, but i guess that is how it will be for the next few months…

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Rachel says:

    Oh, how neat! I’ve never seen beet tortillas before. I’ve gotta look for them!


  2. Silverio says:

    Looks really yummy


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