Weekly meal prep |3 bean chilli, quinoa-veggie mix & overnight oats| vegan

Back with another vegan meal prep! Last week i never got around to writing a post about my meal prep but as it was all super simple and no new recipes i thought there was no point making a post about it anyway.

My goal is to show you simple, nutritious and rather cheap vegan meal prep. It doesn’t have to take long to make. And by meal prepping vegan food it will make it easier for you to eat vegan, not to mention to eat healthy and save money. It’s win-win on all fronts….. well,unless you like to cook daily and have the time for it and eat vegan anyway…. then keep doing what you’re doing and what works for you 🙂

But i know many people who are busy with studies and/or work and buy lunch out almost everyday as they don’t meal prep. Not only is it more expensive but not always the best food alternatives.

Meal prepping and eating good food is a way to invest into your health so if you have the time (or make the time) then meal prep – if it works for you!!!

My favourite meal prep has to be this 3 bean lentil and sweet potato chilli. It is incredibly cheap to make (considering i made a huge pot which could last me a whole week, and that was only using half a bag of red lentils and 1/2 of each tin of beans and sweet corn.) Also you can vary the seasoning but i love using a pre made taco mix!

The original recipe is HERE


I also made some roast veggies – as usual. It is a favourite of mine so it’s almost always part of my meal prep.

And also made some garlic roasted brussel sprouts and sweet potato which i combined with quinoa, spinach and a mustard dressing. (This combo is amazing!)

Recipe: Chop and peel the brussel sprouts and sweet potato. (Should be similar size.) Press garlic and in a bowl with some oil and salt mix together, and then pour over the sweet potato and brussel sprouts & roast in the oven – 220 degrees – for c.a 30 minutes. And boil the quinoa according to instructions!

20181102_114231.jpgFor snacks i made overnight oats. One matcha and vanilla flavoured and one chocolate and coffee flavoured. Topped with tahini and oat milk! I made my overnight oats by using c.a 1,5dl oats (60g oats) and around 150-200ml oat milk, and then the flavourings of choice, and then i placed in the fridge over night – so that the milk gets soaked up in the oats!


This weeks meal prep took about 90 minutes. I began by first chopping the veggies which were going to be roasted. Then once they were in the oven, i began by boiling the quinoa and making the lentil soup. Then when those were were boiling, it was just to begin making the overnight oats.

The following day i placed the food into meal boxes, made the mustard dressing and added the avocado, tomato etc


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