Vegan Meal Prep: One pot pasta, black bean and quinoa burgers, rice pudding

This weeks meal prep i decided to go meal just “ingredients” which i can then later throw together into meals when it is time to eat.

If i am honest, this meal prep didn’t turn out the way i wanted it to…. both taste wise and appearance wise, hahah. But food can’t always look good, and i am just human so it doesn’t always taste good either.

But because of this i don’t have any new recipes to share.



I still haven’t mastered the technique of making bean burgers, they just never seem to work out for me… either they are too loose, too mushy, too gummy or too dry.  However i have made some burgers in the past which turned out fine!

Beetroot, black bean and quinoa burger | Vegan (can be made glutenfree)

Vegan sweet potato and quinoa balls recipe

Baked beetroot falafel – Vegan recipe


For the pasta recipe i tried to make a cheese mix using pizza flavoured cheese slices and a cream cheese mix… however it didin’t turn out so cheesey, which i am a little disappointed over, but delicous nonetheless.. even if it was neither cheesey or creamy haha.

But you can find a recipe for a creamy pasta dish, HERE: Bean pasta with a creamy sun dried tomato and basil sauce and HERE: Creamy vegetable & tofu pasta salad| Recipe | Vegan


And the recipe for the rice pudding is HERE.

And as usual… a whole baked tray of roasted vegetables – Recipe HERE

I also made red lentil hummus, which is basically a regular hummus recipe as well as 1-2dl boiled red lentils – and adding some more liquid!



How long will this meal prep last? Around 3-4 days. This week i have more time to cook so can cook food outside of my meal prep if i want something different. But i will eat the food i cooked until it is gone.  Note, i will add vegetables and tofu/extras when eating my meals as i will just mix the food together when i pack my lunch for school or when eating at home. So it is not premade portions/lunchboxes as previous meal preps!

The price? Relatively cheap.

Time? It took about 90 minutes to make it all.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. I love black bean burgers! Yum!


  2. carol says:

    How are you getting on with trying all that cheese you had? Was it any good?


  3. Thanks for being real!! And surely each time you learn things you can do better next time to get the yummiest recipes 🙂 experimenting in the kitchen is fun!


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