Swede scnitzel recipe | Vegan | & Hasselback potatoes

One of my main mottos when it comes to eating – and especially when it comes to getting all your nutrients and vitamins – is to eat varied. Or as varied as possible.

But even if i have this as a sort of motto, i am not the best at actually following this advice. Usually i just buy the same food and ingredients over and over. I may be rather good at varying meals to some extent, but they most often have the same ingredients making my food not as varied as i think.

So i want to try varying my food a little more… even if that just means trying one new grain or vegetable each week.

And this week, i decided to try the vegetable, Swede. I have eaten this before and liked it, but it has never been a vegetable i have thought of buying when doing my weekly grocery shop.

I wasn’t fully sure what to do with the vegetable at first… should i add it to a vegetable soup? Maybe bake it? Make a Swede mash out of it which i have eaten – and liked before?

But i decided… why not make schnitzels out of it, such as the eggplant schnitzels i made in summer. And i can say, i am so glad i made this dish. I still have half of the Swede left, so i will see what i do with that!

A very simple recipe, and you can choose to make a batter out of flour and water, as well as using bread crumbs. But i decided to skip the batter part and just go for corn flour, liquid and bread crumbs.

Note, this recipe can be made glutenfree by using gluten free bread crumbs.

As this recipe is so simple, i decided to not make a recipe card, but hopefully you can follow this recipe easily!

1/2 swede

c.a 50ml cornflour

100-200ml bread crumbs or panko

100ml aquafaba or plant based milk

Seasoning of choice


& serve with vegetables and hasselback potatoes

How to:

Begin by peeling the swede, and then cutting into c.a 1-2cm thick slices.

Boil in water for about 20-30 minutes or until soft – but not so soft that they break.

In a bowl pour in your aquafaba or plant based milk. In another bowl pour in the bread crumbs, and on a plate pour the corn flour. (Note, you can make a batter by using c.a 150ml flour and some water until it becomes like pancake batter. And using that instead of the cornflour and liquid)

Allow the swede cutlets to cool before beginning with the battering.

Begin by covering the cutlet in some corn flour, then dipping in the liquid and finally covering with bread crumbs. Repeat with all the pieces before frying in some oil on medium heat until golden brown.

Eat right away.

How to make the hassleback potatoes:

Preheat oven to 200degrees celsius.

Using medium/large potatoes and slice/cut into the potatoes c.a 3/4 of the way. I.e you shouldn’t cut the whole way through the potatoes. Repeat with all the potatoes.

Place on a baking tray.

Brush oil or melted margarine over the ptoatoes. Add seasoning of choice. Pour over some bread crumbs. Then bake in the oven c.a 40-45 minutes or until the potatoes are crispy and baked all the way through.

Don’t forget to tag me on instagram, itsahealthylifestyle, if you try any of my recipes!

This was such a delicious meal, and a good way to eat more veggies. Of course, i would recommend that you maybe make some salad and add some tofu or beans, or maybe make a tofu based sauce to eat with this – just to make it more of a “complete” meal. Of course, considering that this isn’t all that you eat in a day it’s ok if it isn’t always nutritionally the most optimal meal!

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