Black Friday – consumerism – fast fashion?

Black Friday….. or apparently, Black week according to all the emails i am getting. And getting emails from comapnies i didn’t even know i had signed up for.

If you have followed me for a while you would know that 1) i very rarely buy myself anything – that isn’t food. And if i do buy myself something it is because i have thought about it and “ok’d” it for the past several weeks or months. Or, because it is an emergency item i need.

2) money gives me anxiety. I have alot of money related anxiety, but i am getting better at this. And instead learning to be thankful that i have money and can buy things for myself, and learning to not feel guilty when i do buy things for myself. But i do hope that one day i can be more at peace with money and not let it give me so much anxiety.

So with this background information, i am sure you know where i stand with my opinion on black Friday.

But first off let me say…. i am not 100% against black Friday. As a student with a budget, i think it can be a good time to buy things which you *need* for a good price. If you buy things that you truly need, then it isn’t a bad thing.

But the problem is… people buy things just for the sake of it. Or just because the item is on sale. There is a whole lot of consumerism and crazy hype. And now it is not just 24 hours, but it seems to be a whole week with campaigns and sales. Make you buy things you didn’t even know you wanted or needed.

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I am not against people buying stuff, i mean how the economical system works (to some extent) is that people buy things. That there is a sale and demand. But the problem is…. people buy more than they need.

I am rather minimalistic… or i try to be as minimalistic as i can. Not buy things unnecessarily, and i don’t need a huge amount of clothes or items. I have a few items which is all i need. But i am not completely minimalistic, i do have more than necessary to some extent.

I am not saying you shouldn’t buy anything this black Friday. If there is a sale on something you really need, or if you need to buy presents for someone then it is a good time to save some money.

But just ask yourself WHY you are buying the items. Do you really need them? Even if it is a sale on certain items… is it necessary to buy them.

I think we should all take a look at our consumerism and also maybe look at if we can get rid of some old items.

Do you have clothes you can give away? Do you have several of the same items which you don’t need? Do you have old clothes which you have kept even though they don’t fit anymore? Can you give items away to charity?

Or why not give money to charity this Black Friday instead of spend it on items you may not need? Instead of buying… why not give away?

I am not perfect and as mentioned, i might buy things on sale… but it won’t be anything unnecessary or just for the sake of spending. I would much rather save up than spend on things i don’t actually need or want.

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Also something to think about is what stores you buy from, and to think about “fast fashion”, which you can read more about here.

“Fast Fashion’s impact on the planet is huge. The pressure to reduce costs and speed up production time means that environmental corners are more likely to be cut. Fast Fashion’s negative impact includes its use of cheap, toxic textile dyes – with the fashion industry the second largest polluter of clean water globally after agriculture.”

“. Polyester is one of the most popular fabrics. It’s derived from fossil fuels, contributing to global warming, and can shed microfibres that add to the increasing levels of plastic in our oceans when it’s put through a wash.”

“The constant speed and demand means there is also increasing stress on other environmental concerns such as land clearing, biodiversity and soil quality that may be at risk of drought.”

“Fast Fashion impacts garment workers, who have been found to work in dangerous environments, for low wages and without basic human rights.  Further down the supply chain, there are the farmers who may work with toxic chemicals that can have devastating impacts on their physical and mental health, a plight highlighted by the documentary The True Cost.


Unfortunately, i am one of those who shops at fast fashion stores such as H&M. I don’t buy clothes so often, and when i do i just want to buy something cheap and basic. But i do want to try make more of an active choice to buy at better stores, or buy second hand. But i want to do my research first and see which stores are best.

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I would love to know your opinions on this topic, so feel free to comment below and we can discuss 🙂

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  1. Lily says:

    I’m also guilty of buying my clothes from fast fashion stores, if I ever buy some. But I’ve been told that you can find hidden gems in second hand stores for minimal price. I haven’t tried it myself but I came across some people with nice pieces of clothing claiming that those were from second hand clothes:)But I do pass away my old clothes on organised clothes switching events!


  2. I might be a little late to the party, but I wanted to add that Zara and H&M have now lines of clothing that *claim* to be more sustainable and eco-friendly (Zara Join Life and H&M Conscious). Of course we can’t know up to which extent it’s true, but I think supporting that kind of initiatives is good because it makes the firms realize there’s a demand for more sustainability in the industry.

    Most of my clothes are second hand anyway, but that’s because I’m so lucky to have older cousins who give me all their “old” clothes haha.


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